Amanda Chaney

    Character » Amanda Chaney appears in 18 issues.

    Amanda was the public relations representative for the group Force Works.

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    Brief History

    Amanda Chaney was hired to improve the image of Force Works, after the negative publicity caused by the death of Wonder Man in action. She had her hands full with the team's rather tense relationships with the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D., N.A.T.O, and the United Nations following their unauthorized involvement in the Slorenian civil war. She formed friendly relationships with Spider-Woman (Carpenter), Rachel Carpenter, Todd Fisher, and Century. But was often at odds with Iron Man.

    During the Crossing, Amanda realized that something was wrong with her memory and perceptions. She investigated the Force Works building and discovered temporal radiation contaminating it. She traced the source of the anomalies to a secret sub-basement and decided to investigate herself. She discovered Timely Industries technology inside the sub-basement, a company founded by Kang the Conqueror.

    She realized that Iron Man was actually working with and for Kang (later retconned into Immortus instead), and tried to alert Force Works and the Avengers. But Iron Man discovered her and killed her. Silencing her, though her last message got to Rachel as intended. Century managed to retrieve her corpse from the sub-basement.


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