Marvel Versus DC StoryLine

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I read all three and 1 of the amalgam comics and it was pointless what was the point. None died besides Cat-Woman which was kinda sad Elektra killed her pretty brutaly. but when they spawned the amalgam comix people it was pretty kool Spider-boy, Dark claw, and speed Demon many other that i cant name.  
How do you feel about The crossover? (im a marvel fan, not a big dc) 
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it was a waste of time

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The Vs comics were kind of dumb, but I did like some of the Amalgam stuff. I really liked Magneto and the Magnetic Men and I will forever be plagued by not knowing what happened after Bruce Wayne Agent of SHIELD #1.

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I thought it was a fun idea, the 2 largest comic companies joining forces in spite of the competition. Some of the initial battles were kinda silly, and I wasn't sold on some of the combo choices...I personally think Wolverine and Batman got put together just because the meshing of Sabertooth and Joker was so perfect. It appeared that whoever was pitted against each other would ultimately be fused into an Amalgam, but if that were the case, Wolvie and Lobo woulda gotten stirred up in the same bowl. 
There were also a few that were 3 or 4 characters thrown together, which seemed to defeat the purpose of the arc. Oh well, I enjoyed bits and pieces and it's still pretty entertaining to mix and match your own batch :)

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@Matezoide2 said:

it was a waste of time

You're nuts. It was awesome!

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I Liked It All !

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