Amalgamize these characters!!!!

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It's a new game, where I give you a list of characters from either marvel or DC, or both, and you have to come up with who in the other universe would be their amalgam partner, and what their name would become, It'll be fun, so to start off 
- Jack Knight/Starman 
- Ted Knight/Starman 
- Cable 
- Deadpool 
- Morph 
- Roy Harper 
- Wonder girl/ Cassie 
- Miss Martian 
That's a good start, more to come.

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- Jack Knight/Starman - Bob
- Ted Knight/Starman - Bob jr
- Cable - Uncle Bob
- Deadpool - Cousin Bob
- Morph - Bob's daughter
- Roy Harper - Bob's drug friend
- Wonder girl/ Cassie - Bob's bit on the side
- Miss Martian - Bob's Alien

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@Supreme Marvel said:
" - Jack Knight/Starman - Bob- Ted Knight/Starman - Bob jr- Cable - Uncle Bob- Deadpool - Cousin Bob- Morph - Bob's daughter- Roy Harper - Bob's drug friend- Wonder girl/ Cassie - Bob's bit on the side- Miss Martian - Bob's Alien "
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Cable + Rip Hunter = Ripcord.

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