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    A cross-publisher event of a series of titles put out by both Marvel Comics and DC Comics under the name Amalgam Comics, it blended elements from the two publishers' catalogs.

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    When universes collide
    When universes collide

    Amalgam Comics put out twelve comics in 1996, replacing both publisher's regular releases at the time, with six published by DC and six by Marvel, repeating the process again in 1997. Amalgam Comics also mentioned many other mythological comics published as far back as the Golden Age, comics that were never really published but merely added to the sense of Amalgam Comics being a real publisher, when in reality it wasn't.

    This reality has been designated Earth-9602 in the Marvel multiverse, DC numbering is unknown if it even exists in the post-52 DC multiverse. The reality is otherwise known as Earth-AMALGAM.

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    Titles published by DC

    Titles published by Marvel Comics


    Titles published by DC

    Titles published by Marvel Comics

    Never published Titles

    These were titles said to have been published by Amalgam a.k.a. meta-fictional titles

    • Action and Suspense Comics: The first Amalgam Comics title, an amalgamation of Tales of Suspense and Action Comics, lasted until 1917 with 50 issues and later integrated into All-Star Winners Comics.
    • All-Star Winners Comics: A Golden Age title, an amalgamation of All Star Comics and All-Winners Comics, included appearances by All-Star Winners Squadron and the Young Commandos, ran between 1941 and 1942, ended with Super Soldier Action. Notable for the debut of American Belle, The Whiz, Human Lantern, and Brooklyn Barnes.
    • Astounding Comics: A version of All Star Comics. Issue #1 notably featured the debut of Diana Prince.
    • Amalgam 2099: Mentioned in Spider-Boy Team Up #1, this comic is a version of Marvel 2099, featuring the Legion of Galactic Guardians and, briefly, Spider-Boy.
    • Bonghunters Special: A Lobo the Duck special featuring Doctor Bongface.
    • Amazons: The Contest: A version of Wonder Woman: The Contest, this miniseries that began in June 1995; follows Diana's run in Castle. Diana and Ororo fight for the title of Wonder Woman; Ororo emerges victorious. Following this miniseries, Diana moves on to her own title called Bullets & Bracelets and Ororo moves on to her own title called Amazon.
    • Castle: A version of Marvel's title Punisher. In issue #18, Diana Prince was introduced to the comic (following her run in Tales of the Amazons, see below) as she saves a dying Trevor Castle (from Bullets & Bracelets #1), which is the first meeting of this couple.
    • Dare the Terminator: The title, which ran for under 200 issues, featured Dare The Terminator, Catsai, and The Big Question before the title was integrated into the Assassins series (from Assassins #1). Dare the Terminator was experimented on by The Big Question in issue #3, Dare lost her eye in a fight against Deadeye (an amalgam of Bullseye and Deadshot) in issue #13, and Catsai and Dare teamed up in issue #168 against Tombstone the Ravager.
    • Dark Claw: The Murder Gag: The only Graphic Novel mentioned as having been published by Amalgam Comics, a version of The Killing Joke, it featured Bruce Wayne (the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent, that is) traveling to New Gotham City and teaming up with Dark Claw to stop Hyena (from Legends Of The Dark Claw #1). Also included is the end of Jason Todd as Moonwing (an amalgam of Moon Knight and Nightwing).
    • Diana Prince, Freelance: Diana Prince's title before Bullets & Bracelets.
    • Elsewhat If: An alternate-reality storyline that looks at different ways that Amalgam Comics characters may have changed, an amalgamation of What If? and Elseworlds.
    • Giant-Sized Bat-Thing: Bat-Thing continues his adventures in this series. The adventures of Lobo the Duck are also featured.
    • Giant-Sized Tales of the Amazons: The title Wonder Woman/Amazon was in following her run in Tales of the Amazons.
    • Marine Mystery: The Golden Age comic featuring the debut of Aqua Mariner, a version of Marvel Comics' Sub-Mariner and DC's Aquaman.
    • Mighty Amazons: A version of the Wonder Woman series, this title also featured Shatterstarfire in issue #34 before that character before moved on to X-Patrol (from X-Patrol #1).
    • My Great Astonishment: A Silver Age title, an amalgam of Tales to Astonish and My Greatest Adventure, featuring the Challengers of the Fantastic (from Challengers of the Fantastic #1). In this series, Tino Lumpkin became a Challenger.
    • Secret Crisis of the Infinity Hour: An amalgamation of Secret Wars, The Infinity Gauntlet, Crisis On Infinite Earths, and Zero Hour. In issue #1, Dr. Strangefate summons the heroes of Earth to battle Thanoseid (from Bullets & Bracelets #1). In issue #7, American Girl sacrifices her life for the cause.
    • Showcase of Suspense: An amalgamation of Tales of Suspense and Showcase, this title notably featured Iron Lantern (from Iron Lantern #1). Issues include:
    1. -Issue #1 a.k.a. The death of Rhomann Sur and the emergence of Iron Lantern
    2. -Issue #27 a.k.a. The Coming of 5700, featuring Iron Lantern 5700
    3. -Issue #75 a.k.a. A battle with Madame Sapphire
    4. -Issue #84 - The Other Iron Lantern, featuring the debut of Green Guardsman
    5. -There were other unnumbered issues involving a fight with Great White and a team-up with Aqua Mariner against H.E.C.T.O.R
    • Sleuth Comics: A version of the Detective Comics series (where Batman debuted), this title featured the debut of Dark Claw, in issue #27.
    • Strange Tales of the Unexpected: An amalgamation of Strange Tales and Tales of the Unexpected, this Silver Age imprint featured the debut of Challengers of the Fantastic and Dream Crystal of the Un-People, whom fell in love with Johnny "Red" Storm. Sections of these "tales" were reprinted in Challengers of the Fantastic #1.
    • Strange Tales of War: An amalgamation of Strange Tales and Weird War Tales, this title is notable for the introduction of Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D.
    • Tales of the Amazons: A version of Wonder Woman, this long-running title featuring Prince and Wonder Woman a.k.a. Amazon; each had a 12-page featurette. Diana Prince and Wonder Woman teamed up during a 4-issue plot to face Professor Psycho, Panthera, Circe, and Giganta; Bruce Wayne (of S.H.I.E.L.D.) is also featured during that plot. The last issue was in 1995.
    • Tales of Strangefate: A version of Strange Tales, this title featured the debuts of Dr. Strangefate, Jade Nova, White Witch, and Skulk. Villains included Mephistanus and Baron Wotan (from Dr. Strangefate #1).
    • Tales to Astonish: An earlier title that featured Thorion and the New Asgods (from Thorion Of The New Asgods #1).
    • Radiotower Comics: A version of Tower Comics, this imprint featured the Thunder Crusaders, whose membership included No-Fly and Dynashield, an amalgamation of Tower's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents and !mpact's (a DC imprint) the Mighty Crusaders.

    Amalgam Characters/ Teams/ Concepts/ Locations

    Abominite [Hellgrammite / Abomination]

    Absorbing Bug [Forager/ Ambush Bug / Absorbing Man]

    Agamotto Empress [Emerald Empress / Eye of Agamotto]

    Aim-Star Labs [Star Labs / AIM]

    All Highfather Odin [Highfather / Odin]

    Amazon [Wonder Woman/ Storm]

    All-Star Winners Squadron [All-Star Squadron/ JSA / All-Winners Squad]

    Ambush the Lunatik [Ambush Bug / Lunatik]

    American Belle [Liberty Belle / Miss America]

    Angelhawk [Hawkman / Archangel]

    Antimony [Platinum / Scarlet Witch]

    Apocalypso [Eclipso / Apocalypse]

    Apokalips [Apokolips / Apocalypse]

    Apollo [Ray / Cyclops]

    Aqua-Mariner [Aquaman / Namor]

    Arkham Tower [Arkham Asylum / Fisk Tower]

    Armageddon Agenda [Armageddon 2001 / X-tinction Agenda]

    Arrowcaster [Speedy / Nightcaster]

    Asgods [New Gods / Asgardians]

    Atomic Black Knight [Atomic Knight / Black Knight]

    Bald'r Lightbringer [Lightray / Balder]

    Banisher [Bane / Punisher]

    Barnes, "Brooklyn" ["Brooklyn" "Terrible" Turpin / Bucky Barnes]

    Baron Wotan [Wotan / Baron Mordo]

    Baron Zero [Mister Zero (AKA Mister Freeze) / Baron Zemo]

    Barrow [Batcave / Wolverine elements]

    Bat-Thing [Man-Bat/ Swamp Thing / Man-Thing]

    Beastling [Changeling (Beast Boy)/ Beast]

    Bevarlene [Darla / Beverly]

    Big Gorgon [Big Bear / Gorgon]

    Big Question [Riddler / Kingpin]

    Big Sif [Big Barda / Sif]

    Big Titania [Big Barda / Titania]

    Bismuth [Tin / Toad]

    Bizarnage [Bizarro / Carnage]

    Black Bat [Black Cat / Batgirl]

    Black Brand [Black Hand / Firebrand]

    Black Diamond Soul Gem [Black Diamond / Soul Gem]

    Black, Jean [Black Canary/ Jean Grey]

    Black Orchid the Unknown [Black Orchid / Omega the Unknown]

    Black Vulture [Hawkman I/ Black Condor / Vulture]

    Blob [Chunk / Blob]

    Blobba [Stompa / Blob]

    Bloodcrow [Scarecrow / Bloodscream (aka Bloodsport)]

    Blue Jacket [Blue Beetle II / Yellowjacket]

    Bottle Country of Latveria [Kandor / Latveria]

    Bouncing Ball [Bouncing Boy / Speedball]

    Bronze Tiger [Bronze Tiger / Black Panther]

    Brood Pit [Blood Pit / Brood]

    Brother Brood [Brother Blood / Brood]

    Brotherhood of Evil Gods [New Gods / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]

    Brotherhood of Injustice [Injustice League / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]

    Bulldozer Gabriel [Bulldozer / Gabriel Jones]

    Cable, Niles [Chief / Cable]

    Canary [Black Canary / Mockingbird]

    Cannonfire [Wildfire I / Cannonball]

    Cannonflash [Flash / Cannonball]

    Captain America Jr. [Captain Marvel Jr. / Captain America]

    Captain Marvel [Captain Marvel (Billy Batson) / Captain Marvel (Mar-vell)]

    Carter, Sharon [Lois Lane / Sharon Carter]

    Catsai [Catwoman / Elektra/ Storm]

    Challenger Haters of Evil [League of Challenger Haters / Masters of Evil]

    Challengers of the Fantastic [Challengers of the Unknown / Fantastic Four]

    Chameleon I & II [Chameleon Boy/ Chameleon II / Chameleon]

    Chaos [Spitfire (Joshua Terrill) / Havok]

    Chemodam [Chemo / Modok]

    Chronos-Tut, the Time Pharoh [Chronos / Rama-Tut / Richard Nixon (real)]

    Claw Copter [Batcopter / Blackbird]

    Clawmobile [Batmobile / Wolverine elements]

    Comrade Grodd [Gorilla Grodd / Red Ghost elements]

    Congo-Red [Congorilla / Red Ghost elements]

    Cosbie [Cosmo / Herbie]

    Cult of Brood [Cult of Blood / Brood]

    Cybercroc [Croc / Cyber]

    Danger Cave [Batcave / Danger Room]

    Dare [Deathstroke / Daredevil/ Black Cat]

    Dark Claw [Batman / Wolverine]

    Dark Firebird [Fire / Dark Phoenix]

    Darkstar [Umbra/ Darkstar / Storm]

    Dayspring, Niles [Jericho / X-Man]

    Deaddevil [Deadman / Daredevil]

    Deadeye [Deadshot / Bullseye]

    Deathbird, Amanda [Amanda Waller / Deathbird]

    Deathborg [Cyborg I / Deathlok]

    Deathlok [Deadshot / Deathlok]

    Detective Dinosaur [Detective Chimp / Devil Dinosaur]

    Devilance the Storm Giant [Devilance / Storm Giants]

    Diablo, the Volcano Man [Volcano Man / Diablo]

    Dial H.U.S.K. [Dial "H" For Hero/ Crazy Jane/ Husk]

    Diana Prince [Wonder Woman / Elektra]

    Dino Four-Eyes [4-Eyes / Dino Manelli]

    Disastermind [Desaad / Mastermind]

    Doc Alternity [Doctor Fate/ Eternity]

    Doctor Bongface [Scarface / Doctor Bong]

    Doctor Doomsday [Doomsday / Doctor Doom]

    Doctor Strangefate [Doctor Fate / Doctor Strange/ Professor X]

    Doctor Whiplash [Doctor Polaris / Blacklash]

    Doomnaut [Doomsday / Juggernaut]

    Double Helix - DNA Project [Project Cadmus / Deviants]

    Drabny the Fixer [Drabny / Fixer]

    Dream Crystal [Beautiful Dreamer / Crystal]

    Dream Date [Dream Girl / Destiny]

    Ego-Mass [The Wall around the Source / Ego the Living Planet]

    El Papamondo [El Papagaya / Mondo]

    Elasti-Girl [Elasti-Girl / Wasp, Domino]

    Emerald Eye [Green Lantern / Cyclops]

    Enchanted Tigra [Tigra (Orion's mother) / Enchantress]

    Extreme Works [Extreme Justice / Force Works]

    Fantasti-Wagon [Whiz Wagon / Fantasticar]

    Fantastic Lad [Elastic Lad / Mister Fantastic]

    Fantastic Legion [Legion of Super-Heroes / Fantastic Four]

    Fantastic Mountain [Challengers Mountain / Fantastic Four elements]

    Fantastinite [Kryptonite / Fantastic Four elements]

    Ferris, Pepper [Carol Ferris / Virginia "Pepper" Potts]

    Ferro Man [Ferro / Colossus]

    Fin Fang Flame [Brimstone / Fin Fang Foom]

    Firebird [Fire / Phoenix]

    Four-Armed Thing [Four-Armed Terror / Thing, Galactus' Punisher robot]

    Foster, Oberon [Oberon / Jane Foster]

    Free, Don [Mister Miracle (Scott Free) / Thor (Donald Blake)]

    Frightful Five [Fatal Five / Frightful Four]

    Galactiac [Brainiac / Galactus]

    General Annihilus [General Zod / Annihilus]

    Generation Hex [Jonah Hex / Generation X]

    Goliath [Green Arrow / Goliath]

    Gotham Bugle [Gotham Gazette / Daily Bugle]

    Granny Harkness [Granny Goodness / Agatha Harkness]

    Green Goliath [Green Lantern II / Goliath]

    Green Guardsman [Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) / Guardsman I]

    Green Phoenix [Martian Manhunter / Phoenix]

    Green Skull [Lex Luthor / Red Skull]

    Grimm, Senator Ben "Rocky" [Rocky / Thing]

    Growing Boy [Colossal Boy / Growing Man]

    Harper, Doctor Tom [Guardian / Angel (Golden Age)]

    Hawk and Dagger [Hawk and Dove / Cloak and Dagger]

    Hawkeye [Green Arrow / Hawkeye]

    Hawkhawk [Hawkman/ Hawkeye]

    H.E.C.T.O.R. [Hector Hammond / Modok]

    Heimron [Metron / Heimdall]

    Hellfire League of Injustice [Injustice League / Hellfire Club]

    Hex, Jono [Jonah Hex / Chamber]

    Howard the Mxztplx [Mister Mxyzptlk / Howard the Duck]

    Howling Commandos [Easy Company / Howling Commandos]

    Human Lantern [Green Lantern (Alan Scott) / Human Torch (Jim Hammond)]

    Huntress I [Huntress / Ms. Marvel]

    Huntress II [Huntress/ Batgirl / Mockingbird/ Black Cat]

    Hyena [Joker/ Lobo/ Harley Quinn / Sabretooth]

    Ice-Cream Cohen [Ice Cream Soldier / Izzy Cohen]

    Iceberg [Ice / Iceman]

    Icebreaker [Aquaman / Iceman]

    Imperial Suicide Squad [Suicide Squad / Imperial Guard]

    Impossible Dawg [Dawg / Impossible Man]

    Impossible Mod [Mad Mod / Impossible Man]

    Infant Mite Terrible [Bat-Mite / Infant Terrible]

    Infinite Kickers, Inc. [Infinity Inc. / Kickers, Inc. (New Universe)]

    Infinity Links [Anti-Life Formula/ Infinity Gems]

    Infinity, the Beta-Ray Man [Infinity Man / Beta-Ray Bill]

    Insect Queen [Mary Jane Watson / Insect Queen]

    Invisible Force-Field Belt [Force Field Belt / Invisible Force Field]

    Invisible Girl I & II [Invisible Kid II & IV / Invisible Girl]

    Iriskani [Iris Allen / Askani]

    Iron [Iron / Unus]

    Iron Lantern [Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) / Iron Man (Tony Stark)]

    Jackal [Joker / Jackal]

    Jade Nova [Jade/ Fire/ Green Lantern / Nova]

    Jericha [Jericho / Elektra]

    Jericho [Jericho / X-Man/ Thing]

    JLX [Justice League / various "X" teams]

    Jocasta [Platinum / Jocasta/ Sentinels]

    Johnny Stormtrooper [Scrapper-Trooper / Human Torch]

    Jones, John [Martian Manhunter / Blade]

    Jones, Snapper [Snapper Carr / Rick Jones]

    Judgment League Avengers [Justice League / Avengers]

    Jupiter, Gideon [Mister Jupiter / Gideon]

    Kalmaku, Happy [Tom "Pieface" Kalmaku / Harold "Happy" Hogan]

    Kang, the Time Conqueror [Time Trapper / Kang]

    Kantique [Kanto / Mystique]

    "King" Cain and "Smiling" Abel [Cain and Abel / Stan and Jack]

    King Lizard [King Shark / Lizard]

    Knight, Artemisty [Artemis / Misty Knight]

    Kokoro [Katana / Psylocke]

    Krakoa, the Living Dinosaur Island [Dinosaur Island / Krakoa]

    Kultron [Kobra / Ultron]

    L'ok D'saad [Desaad / Loki]

    Lady Bug I & II [Shrinking Violet I & III / Wasp]

    Lady Talia [Talia / Lady Deathstrike]

    Latkovia [Markovia / Latveria]

    Le Bat [Batman / Jubilee]

    'Lectron [Live Wire II / Electro]

    Legion Anti-Grav Ring [Legion Flight Ring / Wizard's Anti-Grav Discs]

    Legion of Evil Mutants [Legion of Super-Villains / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]

    Legion of Galactic Guardians 2099 I [Legion of Super-Heroes (pre-boot) / Guardians of the Galaxy]

    Lethal [Cheetah / Kraven]

    Little Dum-Dum [Little Sure Shot / "Dum-Dum" Dugan]

    Living Colossus [Leviathan II / It, the Living Colossus]

    Living Lightning Lad [Lightning Lad / Living Lightning]

    Living Lightning Lass [Lightning Lass / Living Lightning]

    Living Totem Pole [Living Totem/ Wyatt Wingfoot]

    Lobo the Duck [Lobo / Howard the Duck]

    Lord Maxwell [Maxwell Lord / Cameron Hodge]

    Lord Nimrod [Lord Havoc / Nimrod]

    Lumpkin, Tino [Tino Ryan / Willie Lumpkin]

    Luthor, Selina [Catwoman / Viper]

    M'Kryptaan [Kryptonite / M'Kraan Crystal]

    M-Parasiteplate [Parasite / Emplate]

    Madame Banshee [Madame 44 / Banshee]

    Madame Sapphire [Star Sapphire / Madame Masque]

    Mademoiselle Peggy [Mademoiselle Marie / Peggy Carter]

    MagneMorpho [Metamorpho / Magneto]

    Magnetic Men [Metal Men / Brotherhood of Evil Mutants]

    Magneto [Doc Magnus / Magneto]

    Magnetometers [Responsometers / Magneto elements]

    Magnus, Will [Doc Magnus / Bolivar Trask]

    Major Zemo [Iron Major / Baron Zemo]

    Malone, Patch [Matches Malone / Patch]

    Mandarinestro [Sinestro / Mandarin]

    Manorb [Mano / Orb]

    Martinex 5 I & II [Brainiac 5 I & III / Martinex]

    Mary Marvel Girl [Mary Marvel / Marvel Girl]

    Mass [Star Boy II / Mass Master]

    Masters, June [June Robbins / Alicia Masters]

    Medusa Moonrider [Mark Moonrider / Medusa]

    Mephisatanus [Satanus / Mephisto]

    Mephiston [Neron / Mephisto]

    Mercury [Impulse / Quicksilver]

    Metamimic [Metamorpho / Mimic]

    Metamutants [Meta-humans / Mutants]

    Miss Miracle [Mister Miracle / Crystal]

    Mister Immortus [General Immortus / Mister Immortal/ Immortus]

    Mister Mastermind [Mister Mind / Mastermind]

    Mister X [Martian Manhunter / Professor X/ Bishop/ Skrull]

    Molecule Lad [Element Lad I / Molecule Man]

    Monarch [Monarch / War Machine]

    Mongslaught [Mongul / Onslaught]

    Moonwing [Nightwing / Moon Knight]

    Mother Cube [Mother Box / Cosmic Cube]

    Multi-Master [Multi-Man / Puppet Master]

    Multiple Maid [Triplicate Girl / Multiple Man]

    Murdock, Alicia [Alicia Masters/ Daredevil]

    Myriad [Triad II / Multiple Man]

    Mystallo [Metallo / Mysterio]

    Myx [Mister Mxyzptlk / Wong/ Nyx]

    Nabu the Ancient One [Nabu / Ancient One]

    Neron-Claw [Neron / Satan Claw]

    New Asgard [New Genesis / Asgard]

    New Asgods [New Gods / Asgardians]

    New Gotham [Gotham / New York]

    Nickel [Mercury / Quicksilver]

    Night Spectre [Spectre / Nightmare]

    Nightcreeper [Creeper / Nightcrawler]

    Nightgate [Nighthawk / Gateway]

    Nornonite [Kryptonite / Norns]

    Nucleus [Element Lad II / Molecule Man]

    Nuke [Bane / Nuke]

    Oa, the Living Planet [Oa / Ego the Living Planet]

    O'Brien, Kyle [Kyle Rayner (Green Lantern) / Kevin O'Brien (Guardsman I)]

    Offending Society [JSA / Avengers]

    Olsen, Jimmy [Jimmy Olsen / Bucky]

    Omega Beast [KGBeast / Omega Red]

    Omega Guard [Omega Men / Imperial Guard]

    Paste-Eater Pete [Matter-Eater Lad / Paste-Pot Pete]

    Phantom Cat I & II [Phantom Girl & Apparition II / Shadowcat]

    Phantom-Negative Zone [Phantom Zone / Negative Zone]

    Phantom-Negative Zone Projector [Phantom Zone / Negative Zone]

    Phoenetix [Kinetix / Phoenix]

    Polaris [Doctor Polaris / Polaris]

    Prez: Master of Kung Fu [Prez / Shang-chi, Master of Kung Fu]

    Professor Kang [Professor Zoom / Kang]

    Psi-Girl I & II [Saturn Girl I & III / Psylocke I & II]

    Puck [Oberon / Puck]

    Punisher [Steve Trevor / Punisher]

    Quasimodox [Vril Dox II / Quasimodo]

    Quick Freeze [Impulse / Iceman]

    Ra's-A-Pocalypse [Ra's Al Ghul / Apocalypse]

    Radioactive Kra [Kra the Living Robot / Radioactive Man]

    Rainbow Chair [Mobius Chair / Rainbow Bridge]

    Random, Johnny [Johnny Thunder II / Random]

    Rasputin, Alexi [Ferro's brother / Colossus' brother]

    Raveniya [Raven / Aliya]

    Razormen [Scissormen / Sentinels]

    Rebel Farmer [Farmer Boy / "Rebel" Ralston]

    Red Lash [Lashina / Scarlet Witch]

    Red Vision [Red Tornado II / Vision]

    Redwing, the Avenging Wonder [Robin, the Boy Wonder / the Avenging Angel]

    Retribution [Firehair / Penance]

    Rhodes, Stewart [John Stewart (Green Lantern) / James Rhodes (Iron Man, War Machine)]

    Rhomann Sur [Abin Sur / Centurion Rhomann Dey]

    Richards, Professor Reed "Prof" [Prof / Mister Fantastic]

    Richmond, Lucius [Lucius Fox / Kyle Richmond]

    Ritz-Carwald [Ritz-Carlton / Carlin / Gruenwald ]

    Ross, Pete [Pete Ross / General Ross/ Peter Parker]

    Runaway [Gypsy / Rogue]

    Sabrebak [Kalibak / Sabretooth]

    Sallis, Francie-Ellen [Francine Langstrom / Ellen Sallis]

    Savage, Black Tom [Matt Savage / Black Tom]

    Savage Shaw [Vandal Savage / Sebastian Shaw]

    Scavulture [Scavenger / Vulture]

    Sea Devil Dinosaurs [Sea Devils / Devil Dinosaur]

    Secret Crisis [Crisis on Infinite Earths / Secret Wars]

    Shadow Guild [Obsidian elements / Thieves' Guild]

    Shadowstar [Shadow Lass / Starhawk]

    Shaggynaut [Shaggy Man / Juggernaut]

    Shatterstarfire [Starfire / Shatterstar]

    Sheldon, Vicky [Vicki Vale / Phil Sheldon]

    Siliconman [Plastic Man / Sandman]

    Silverlance [Devilance, the Pursuer / Quicksilver]

    Silver Racer [Black Racer / Silver Surfer]

    Silver Streak [Streaky / Silver Surfer]

    Silver Tornado [Red Tornado / Silver Surfer]

    Sinister Society [Society of Sin/ Secret Society of Super-Villains / Sinister Six/ Serpent Society/ Sinister Syndicate]

    Sinistron [Brainiac/ Sinestro / Mister Sinister/ Ultron/ Nimrod]

    Six-Gun Triplicate Kid [Triplicate Girl / Two-Gun Kid]

    Skinhunter [Scalphunter / Skin]

    Skulk [Solomon Grundy / Hulk]

    Smith, Pow Wow Boom Boom [Pow-Wow Smith / Boom Boom]

    Sonicorn [Sonar / Unicorn]

    Soniklaw [Sonar/ Klaw]

    Souls of Power [Valor/ Flash I/ Iris / Mister Sinister/ Super-Skrull/ Leader/ Mister Fantastic]

    Sparkler [Spark / Dazzler]

    Sparrow [Robin / Jubilee]

    Sparticus [Persuader / Gladiator II]

    Speed Demon I [Flash/ Etrigan / Ghost Rider]

    Speed Demon II [Flash III / Ghost Rider II]

    Spider-Boy [Superboy / Spider-Man]

    Spider-Boy 2099 [M'Onel / Spider-Man 2099]

    Spider-Clones [Bizarro / Spider-Man I or II]

    Spiral Harley [Harley Quinn / Spiral]

    Spitfire and the Blackhawks [Blackhawks / Spitfire and the Troubleshooters (New Universe)]

    Splinter Army [Superman/ Batman/ Wonder Woman / Spider-Man/ Wolverine]

    Star Charlie [Star Boy I / Charlie 27]

    Star International [STAR Labs / Stark Industries]

    Starbrand Corps [Green Lantern Corps / Starbrand (New Universe)]

    Stark Aircraft [Ferris Aircraft / Stark Industries]

    Stark Labs [STAR Labs / Stark International]

    Steppenorn, the Wolf Queen [Steppenwolf / Norns]

    Storm, Doctor Johnny "Red" [Red / Human Torch]

    Storm, Susan "Ace" [Ace / Invisible Woman]

    Suicide Street [Suicide Slum / Yancy Street]

    Sun Lord [Sun Boy / Firelord]

    Sunfirestorm [Firestorm / Sunfire]

    Super Four [Superman / Fantastic Four]

    Super-Soldier [Superman / Captain America]

    Supermutant [Superman / Bishop]

    Super-Weirdies [DNAliens / Deviants]

    Tamojoran [Tamaran/ Katarthans/ Mojoverse/ Microverse]

    Terra-X [Terra / Terrax]

    Terrible Three [Terrible Trio / Sinister Six]

    Thanoseid [Darkseid / Thanos]

    Tharlock [Tharok / Deathlok]

    Thor-El [Superman, Jor-El / Thor]

    Thorion the Hunter [Orion / Thor]

    Thorion the Celestial [Orion/ Promethean Giants/ Thor/ Celestials]

    Thunderchick [Nighthawk / Siryn]

    Timberwolf by Night [Timber Wolf / Werewolf by Night]

    Time Square [Time Sphere / Time Cube]

    Tower of Strangefate [Arkham Asylum / Doctor Strange's Sanctum]

    Trask, Marshal "Bat" [Bat Lash / Bolivar Trask]

    Triserniak [Serifan / Triton/ Karnak]

    Twins Trigger [Trigger Twins/ Cinnamon / Aurora & Northstar]

    Two-Face [Two-Face / Arnim Zola]

    Two-Faced Goblin [Two-Face / Green Goblin]

    Uatu [Guardians / Uatu the Watcher]

    Ubuwong [Ubu / Wong]

    Ultivac the Multi-Robot [Ultivac/ Multi-Woman / Super-Skrull]

    Ultra-Metallo [Metallo/ Ultra-Humanite / Ultron/ Sleeper Robots]

    Un-People [Forever People / Inhumans]

    Uni-Friend [Source / Uni-Mind]

    Universe Boy I & II [Ultra Boy I & III / Captain Universe]

    Universe-Two [Earth-2 / New Universe]

    Urich, Jimmy [Jimmy Olsen / Ben Urich]

    Vale, Lance [Vicki Vale / Lance Bannon]

    Valhalla Zone [Phantom Zone / Valhalla]

    Valinus [Validus / Terminus]

    Van Dyne, Salu [Shrinking Violet I / Wasp]

    Vance Cosmic I & II [Cosmic Boy I & III / Vance Astro]

    Virmin Vundavort [Virmin Vundabar / Toad]

    Vengeance [Reverse-Flash / Stryfe]

    Vigilante Kid [Vigilante / Rawhide Kid]

    Vikki Valkyrie [Vicki Vale/ Valkyrie]

    Vykin the Black Bolt [Vykin the Black / Black Bolt]

    Walker, Debbi [Debbi / Patsy Walker]

    War Monarch [Monarch / War Machine]

    Warlord Gh'ul [Ras Al Ghul / Warlord Krang]

    Wayne, Bruce [Batman / Nick Fury]

    Weaponers of A.I.M. [Weaponers of Qward / AIM]

    White Whip [Whip / Emma Frost]

    White Witch [Zatanna/ White Witch/ Scarlet Witch]

    White, J. Jonah [Perry White / J. Jonah Jameson]

    Whiz [Flash I / Whizzer I]

    Wildman Percy [Wildman / Percy Pinkerton]

    Winterstick [Wintergreen / Stick]

    Wired [Manhunter / Cable]

    Wonder-Gold [Booster Gold / Wonder Man]

    Wonder-Girl [Troia / Wonder Man]

    Wonder Wasp [Wonder Girl II / Wasp]

    Wraith [Obsidian / Gambit]

    X-League I [JLA / X-Men]

    X-League II [Justice League of America / X-Men/ Avengers]

    X-Patrol [Doom Patrol / X-Force]

    X-Stroke, the Eliminator [Deathstroke, the Terminator / X-Cutioner]

    Yancy Legion [Legion of Super-Heroes/ Newsboy Legion / Yancy Street Gang]

    Zenosha [Zandia / Genosha]


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