World War Hulk (Incredible Hulk #106-112) - Amadeus Cho recruits Hercules and others to aid the Hulk upon his return to Earth from his exile on Sakaar. Here Hercules and Cho befriend each other, defends innocent civilians, and takes the Hulk's side when the rest of the world stands against him.

Heroic Age: Prince of Power (Prince of Power #1-4) - Amadeus goes on a quest to find and bring back his beloved friend that is believed to be dead, Hercules. In this story, it's a race between Cho and a villain half ling named Vali to become a god and use their powers for their own personal affairs!

Chaos War(Chaos War #1-5) - In this story arc, all of Marvel's heroes come together to beat the Chaos King, an enemy bent on destroying all of reality. But when these heroes go out of commission, Amadeus teams up with Hercules and recruits a few gods to help him along the way. (Cho is really only in the first two or three issues but still worth reading all of them)

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