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    The incredibly intelligent former girlfriend of the Fantastic Four's Reed Richard's.

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    Alyssa Moy
    Alyssa Moy

    Incredibly gifted intellectual with few equals Alyssa Moy excelled in physics, mechanical engineering, biochemistry, economics and archaeology among other sciences and fields. Wealthy, privileged and with a zest for life her extraordinary genius invited a natural rivalry and friendship with a fellow college student at the time Reed Richards. Richards also known as extraordinarily brilliant the two would collaborate on many projects together during their time at State University and the University of Vienna. The two characters would tease romance with Alyssa typically the one to dissuade the idea even as far as joking that it was their responsibility to spread their genius as wide as possible within the human genetic pool. Years of friendship would develop into something more with Reed Richards at one point proposing marriage however he would be turned down. Despite that bump in the road and despite slightly differing world views, Moy paying less care for the ethical idealism that Reed would possess the two intellectuals would endeavor themselves on a number of round the world adventurous journeys.

    The two would participate in the The Endurance Rally Association - London to Cape Town Rally using a classic muscle car they had built from scrap pieces. Although the two would not win the ten week race it would be a highlight of their friendship.The more adventurous Alyssa would influence Reed into other strange expeditions and adventures such as an excursion to the Himalayans to rescue a child prince Bayan from an evil mystic General Lao-Tse. The Scepter of Bast, was given to Reed as thanks by Bayan. This artifact would actually be but one component of a larger artifact the Claw of Bast. Joined in part by Professor Francesca Fischer the three would track and attempt to find the pieces that make up the Claw of Bast, acquiring the Eye of Bast but also having to contend and face off against Victor Von Doom in the process. Alyssa and Reed would use this powerful artifact to heal his mentor Roderick Van Nuys to full health.


    Alyssa Moy-Castle is a Marvel comic book character that was created by writer Chris Claremont and artist Salvador Larroca. She first appears in volume three of Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four #5 - Broken Reed released in May 1998. Moy would also feature significantly in Mark Millar's and Bryan Hitchs Fantastic Four run, starting with World's Greatest story arc. The character has generally associated with the Fantastic Four team but is also distinguished by her extraordinary levels of intelligence which are often alluded to be on par with Reed Richards.

    Character Evolution

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    Although their are many intelligent female characters in Marvel comics character library, its rare that any of them come to the popularity, level or esteem their male counterparts do. Created by Chris Claremont Alyssa Moy was essentially designed as a female version of Reed Richards, and with that coming an extraordinary level of intelligence within the character. Still only as a supporting character she would not be utilized with frequency and would fall out of use with time.

    Eventually the character would be reused by writer Mark Millar for his Fantastic Four run starting with #554 intrigued by the possibility of exploring the character and her similarities to Mr Fantastic "It just always struck me that Reed would have had someone prior to Sue, since he's ten years older than she is. Also, Sue's so different from Reed and I felt the girl out there would be much more like he was, a female Reed Richards of sorts, and someone he'd have met at university. As luck would have it, Chris Claremont created exactly such a character and her name is Alyssa Moy. Her nickname in our story is Mrs. Fantastic and you'll see why when you read the first issue." The graphic novel Fantastic Four: Season One would expand on Alyssa Moy's origin tale with the Fantastic Four.

    Major Story Arcs

    Season One

    Alyssa is with Reed Richards as he makes plan for the trip into space and she searches for the Fantastic Four and finds them after they crash back on Earth. Alyssa goes on to assist in giving tests to the Human Torch and the Thing. When a press conference is held to introduce the Fantastic Four to the public, it is Alyssa who announces their names. Despite the fact that Alyssa tells Sue prior to the press conference that her codename will be the Invisible Woman, in an obvious demonstration of her jealousy of Sue and in an apparent attempt to diminish her, Alyssa tells the crowd that Sue Storm is the Invisible Girl.


    Upon meeting Alyssa again years later, and after a devastating fight, Alyssa discovers that Reed had lost part of his intelligence as a result of that fight. In one of their infamous mental chess matches, Reed made a wrong move and she deduced that something was wrong. After that, she stayed in the life of the Fantastic Four for a little while longer. She became a babysitter to Franklin, and she was one of the first people to meet Valeria Richards/Valeria Von Doom, when she "timed danced" into the main 616 universe.

    Worlds Greatest

    Alyssa Moy makes a sudden appearance into the Baxter Building as Sue Richards is entertaining guests She Hulk and the Wasp. She informs Sue that she must speak to Reed over important matters as Sue introduces her to her friends. Alyssa corrects Sue over her surname proudly exclaiming her recent marriage to Billionaire and genius Ted Castle. Sue would seem bothered by how affectionate Mot would be towards Reed as he arrived with The Thing. Alyssa would give a run down of the scope of her problem before teleporting away with Reed. Sue would glare at Ben as he made an innocuous comment about how hot Alyssa was looking since he last remembered. In the mean time Alyssa would teleport herself and Reed to the Earth-Trust a research station near the North Pole. Reed would met Ted Castle who would explain to him the Earth Trust and how exclusive and well financed they are. Using a teleportation portal, Alyssa and Ted would transport Reed to their pet project and Earth Trusts main venture - Nu World, an artificially created earth like planet designed to be a back up Earth like utopia.

    Nu World

    Reed would be immediately impressed and astounded by such a engineering feat even taking time to record what he was witnessing including the artificial moon for the artificial planet still being constructed. Alyssa would run down the various specs and figures for Reed including the impressive hundred trillion photographs compiled of the actual New York to replicate it for Nu World to give it an authentic feel. The conversion would quickly turn serious though as Alyssa would explain that by the Earth-Trusts best estimates the actual Earth would only have ten years left before facing global wide catastrophe. Alyssa and Reed would discuss the merits of creating a brand new Earth as opposed to fixing the current one, with Alyssa insisting it was too late to save Earth. Alyssa would continue to give Reed the grand tour of Nu World showing Reed many of her fantastic creations, including the Nightingales, which would serve in every hospital proving instant health recovery to any patients, and the World's Bank, an artificial intelligence designed to balance and keep the worlds economy stable. Ted and Alyssa would mention although they were trying to replicate Earth to absurd levels of detail, even going as far as reproducing graffiti, they drew a line as far as deforestation and arid desserts. More so this Nu World was to have an absence of weapons. To enforce this policy they introduced CAP also known as Conserve and Protect.

    Conserve and Protect

    Sue and Alyssa against CAP
    Sue and Alyssa against CAP

    Alyssa seems extremely proud of Conserve and Protect. Designed to invoke the American patriotism of Captain America's uniform, CAP was a giant machine, touted as indestructible and powerful enough to effectively police the Nu World. Reed expressed some skepticism about this, with Alyssa and Red urging him on before making him an offer, asking him that his talents would better serve helping them with the Nu World project instead of being a superhero. Reed would depart to think it over. Ted would tease Alyssa over whether she still loved him, causing her to defensively reject that premise. The two would be interrupted as Earth-Trust would signal multiple alarms and high alert. Alyssa and Ted would be alerted and informed that CAP had overheard Alyssa mention real Earth soldiers and had departed to neutralize them, causing mass panic among there researchers and scientists involved.

    CAP would attack and kill Alaskan soldiers and then an Alaskan military base to attack.Alyssa would quickly formulate a plan telling the rest of her team that if they gathered a large enough group of heroes Cap would stop attacking human military bases and find the heroes the biggest threat and thus priority. Attempting to find Reed again she instead runs into Sue and gets her help instead to help stop Cap. Teleporting back to Alaska with Thing and Torch they are horrified to realize that CAP has already defeated dozens and dozens of Earths most powerful heroes, including the Avengers, X-Men, Hercules, Sentry, Storm, Wolverine and Ms Marvel.

    Reeds Return

    Reed returns to find his wife Sue arguing with Alyssa over CAP's inbuilt commands, programming and safety routines which means it won't hurt Alyssa or her husband, with Alyssa defending it as a standard procedure, as they were its creators. Most of the heroes have recovered but CAP has become aware of its ability to teleport and has grown larger and more powerful and left the vicinity to attack Russian armed forces. Reed had already created his own version of a gigantic robot called Anti-Galactus a few weeks prior, and although its running costs were insanely impractical costing around $1 billion dollars a second to run, the threat of CAP was enough to warrant its use. Reed would power it up causing CAP's seniors to register it as the biggest threat and transporting to it. Reed made an educated guess that Alyssa would have included him in CAP's safety programming. With that advantage Reed was able to use his overpowered suit to defeat CAP, bursting through its shell with one decisive super punch.


    Afterwards, Reed and Alyssa had time alone and Alyssa confessed she still loved Reed. However, Reed reasserted that he really loved Sue. Reed kissed her goodbye and left to celebrate his anniversary with Sue. Alyssa soon learned that she had been deceived by her husband, and that Nu-World was only for the selected rich, famous and powerful of Earth. Any one else would be left behind to die. She went to the Invisible Woman to tell her because she would have felt stupid confessing this to Reed. With this information, Sue and Reed transported six billion refugees from a dying future Earth to Nu-World, destroying any plans Ted may have had for the world.

    Death and Revival

    At some point, an unknown event happened that caused Alyssa to lose her body. Preserving her brain, Ted eventually created a walking device for her. But the sun of Nu-World had collapsed on it's self and created a black hole. The people had lost their will and Lightwave and Alex Ultron took over control of the planet. While they were trying to find a solution, Alyssa was killed by Psionics. It would turn out that Alyssa survived what appeared to be a fatal attack and was given a more adequate body. Designated Alyssa Moy-2512, a cybernetic reconstruction of her body housed her reassembled persona.

    Powers and Abilities

    Alyssa Moy does not possess any super human powers or abilities, however she is extremely intelligent with a level of genius intellect comparable and rivaling such great intellectual geniuses as Reed Richards. She is skilled and knowledgeable in such fields as biochemistry, economics, electronics, and engineering. Alyssa Moy possesses expertise in archaeology, artificial intelligence, robotics, extra dimensional travel among other fields. She has a bold and wild streak, and is a keen adventurer. Alyssa has experience and skill with a number of basic weapons, such as pistols and handguns, and has demonstrated above average marksmanship. Alyssa Moy could be described as a polymath and polyglot, possessing numerous talents and having demonstrated prodigy like expertise in a wide range of disciplines and activities, not surprisingly, usually involving and or as a result of her extraordinarily intelligence and brain power.

    Among the activities Alyssa possesses above average talents in, including chess, driving, encryption, and code breaking. Alyssa Moy is also one of the minds behind such incredible engineering and invention wonders and creations as Nu-World and Conserve and Protect (CAP). Alyssa will often utilize an advanced eletric powered flying car. Alyssa also carries with her an assortment of advanced technological devices, one for example that allows for teleportation.

    Physical Characteristics

    • Height: 5'9"
    • Weight: 129 lbs
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Brown

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