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    Alyssa Jones is part of the Jersey Chronicles. She is best known for her love affair with Holden.

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    History of the Character

     The   Real Alyssa Jones 
    The Real Alyssa Jones 
    Alyssa Jones is a character that first appeared in the Movies Chasing Amy and Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back.  It was only after her fist appearance in the movies that she shows up in comic books.  It is for this reason that her page is listed differently than other character pages with the characters movie history listed before the comic history.


    Chasing Amy
    Alyssa Jones was played by Joey Lauren Adams and before the character appeared in comics she was first seen in the movie Chasing Amy.  In that movie Alyssa is a lesbian who ends up falling for a man named Holden McNeil.  This turns both Alyssa and Holden's world upside down.   The two of them meet a a comic convention and both of them are comic book creators.  As their romance blossoms Holden finds that he can not compete with Alyssa's past sexual experiences and ends up ruining his relationship with her over it.  
     An      Alyssa Inspiration
     An Alyssa Inspiration
    At the end of the film Holden finds that he has made the biggest mistake of his life and makes a comic book about their relationship called Chasing Amy.  The title of the comic and thus the movie is inspired by Silent Bob who tells him a similar story that happened in his life.   He talks about his relationship with a girl named Amy and how he felt inadequate because he was so much more less experienced than she was sexually.  His anger over this ruins his relationship with her and he spends the rest of his life chasing Amy. 

      Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
    Alyssa also makes a cameo in the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.  She is seen waking out of a theater after seeing the premier based off of one of Holden's more successful comics.   Bluntman and Chronic.  On the way out her friends asks her why they didn't make his Chasing Amy into a comic and Alyssa quips back that no one would believe that story.  The irony is that the Chasing Amy ,movie had already been made in real life.


    At Julie's Funeral
    At Julie's Funeral
    In the comics Alyssa appears in New Jersey chronologically before her appearances in the films.  She appears at a friends funeral and sees Dante Hicks and Randal Graves.  She talks with them and explains what her friend was doing before she died.  It is obvious that she doesn't like Randal and it is not hard to see why when Randal calls her Finger Cuffs.  This is a derogatory nickname she has that comes from a sexual position she was known to have performed.    Although Alyssa was never in the Clerks animated cartoon she was in a small nine minute episode that was made in the same style as the cartoon and voiced by all the original actors who played the part.

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