Alyssa Conover

    Character » Alyssa Conover appears in 24 issues.

    Alyssa Conover was a filmschool student and Rick Sheridan's girlfriend.

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    Alyssa Conover was a young woman living in New York City and studying in film school. She was very talented and had a bright future. It was also the place where Alyssa would meet fellow student Rick Sheridan. The two started dating not much later.


    Alyssa Conover was created by Bob Budiansky and Bret Blevins and first appeared in Sleepwalker issue 1 (1991).

    Major Story Arcs


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    The relationship between her and Rick became complicated when Sleepwalker's presence caused Rick sleep problems. This all became even worse when rival Whitney Cooper III made the scene. Slowly he tried to lure Alyssa away from Rick. This eventually worked out, because of Rick's constant lack of attention to her, letting Alyssa feel that Rick did not want to see her. Eventually the couple broke up, but remained friends and still liked each-other very much.

    Alyssa later became a victim of Cobweb's plans when he sended the criminals known as the Chain Gang into her mind. One of the members, Uplink, took control of her mind and tried to get her to kill Rick, Sleepwalker's host. Luckily, Alyssa was stopped by Sleepwalker and soon returned to her own self.

    The precense of Sleepwalker did have a profound effect on Alyssa, she started fearing him, not knowing why he kept appearing near her so ofter and what his intentions where.


    It was reported by Rick Sheridan that Alyssa had died during a car crash, unrelated to any superhero fights. Her death has caused Rick Sheridan to go into a deep depression after his time in the Initiative.


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