Alyosha Kravinoff

    Character » Alyosha Kravinoff appears in 76 issues.

    The son of Kraven the Hunter, he too is a skilled hunter and tracker. Unlike his father his enhanced abilities are natural and he can talk to animals.

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    This page is for the second Kraven the Hunter, Alyosha Kravinoff


    Alyosha Kravinoff
    Alyosha Kravinoff

    Alyosha Kravinoff, often referred to as Al, is the illegitimate son of the infamous Kraven the Hunter, a classic Spider-Man foe. Unlike his brother Vladimir, also known as the Grim Hunter, Al was raised in the jungle far from his father and family. After learning of his fathers suicide he traveled to New York in order to learn more about the father he barely knew. Alyosha dressed in his fathers costume and paid a visit to his uncle Dimitri Smerdyakov who is also known as the Chameleon, another enemy of Spider-Man.


    Alyosha Kravinoff was created by J.M. DeMatteis and Luke Ross

    Character Evolution

    Kraven the Hunter II
    Kraven the Hunter II

    Due to his uncanny resemblance to his father his uncle Dimitri mistakenly thought his nephew was his cruel half brother Sergei (Kraven) risen from the grave. Dimitri eventually reveals the truth about the long dysfunctional legacy of the Kravinoff family and described his fathers exploits and characteristics. Learning about his family and his father led him to adopting the alias of Kraven the Hunter.

    Major Story Arcs

    Life As Kraven the Hunter

    Alyosha kills Calypso
    Alyosha kills Calypso

    Alyosha is again mistaken for his father but this time by the witch and voodoo expert Calypso, who was a former flame and ally to the original Kraven . She seduced Al thinking he was his father but Al took advantage of her then cast her away when he was done this humiliated and enraged her. Al began to follow in his fathers foot steps by attacking Spider-Man. The two have several altercations but things changed when Alyosha began wreaking havoc by riding a bull elephant across the rooftops of Manhattan in order to draw out Spider-Man. Alyosha attacks Spider-Man when he responds the destruction. During their battle Al hits Spider-Man with a poisonous dart that knocks him out cold. In a strange turn of events Spider-Man awakens in the Kravinoff mansion with his wounds tended to and Al acting civil.

    He explains he only attacked him in order to experience what his father had in an attempt to feel close to his father. He admits he barely knew his father, he barely knew of civilization and he was raised in the jungle and felt he was more beast than man. He wanted to know more of his father so he begged Spider-Man to tell him about Kraven. the lesson about Kraven is interrupted by the return of Calypso. She blows up the Kravinoff estate and is accompanied by a tribe of savages that served the original Kraven. The explosion killed all but one of Alyosha's animals, his lion Gulyadkin, the loss enrages Al so he and Spider-Man battle Calypso and her army of savages. She is disgusted to see the two working together and claims he is conspiring with his fathers enemy and she wants revenge for deceiving her. After defeating the tribesmen Calypso hypnotizes the two men in order to confuse them so they would kill one another. Spider-Man eventually breaks her hold and strikes Calypso ending her manipulation. Al stops his tiger from mauling her and requested forgiveness. Spider-Man leaves understanding the Kravinoff obsession with him ended with Al. Al convinces Calypso to tell him about his father and claims he was jealous of her. Once she had finished Alyosha mercilessly murders her and kills the defeated tribesmen.

    Alyosha began working for money as a mercenary and a bounty hunter of sorts all the while trying to be more noble and heroic. Alyosha was contract by the Fantastic Four to hunt and capture the enigmatic Puppy (supposedly the grandson of Lockjaw from another dimension). Darker assignment also came, he was tasked by White Wolf (T'Challa's adopted older brother) to capture or kill the Black Panther. Alyosha was thwarted by the Black Panther who nearly killed him during their fight. Al even joins a reformed Sinister Six led by Sandman. They are tasked with killing Doctor Octopus who had betrayed an incarnation of the six. A dispute between Venom (Eddie Brock) and Sandman causes the team to dissolve. Venom was so angry over not being allowed on the team he began hunting his former and current teammates but Alyosha refused to be hunted. Alyosha lured Venom into a trap to stop his prey. Using fire he trapped Venom but their fight led to Alyosha nearly disemboweled and Venom escaping. Oddly enough, Alyosha and the Vulture team up as a vigilante duo, Spider-Man even gave them his blessing.

    Alyosha vs. Hollywood

    Alyosha wanting a new life decided to venture to Hollywood to make movies. He created a new persona which was more suave, witty and a ladies man. Alyosha became "Al Kraven", accompanied by his pet wolf nickel they headed west. While on his trip he met a beautiful aspiring actress, Timber Hughs, working at a villains only bar. He planned on helping her make a name for herself even becoming a director. The two become a couple and while Al tries to find his place in Hollywood he meets a shady producer, Ned Tannengarden, who offers him advice. The couple discover the complicated business of movie making even getting into a fight with the Rothstein brothers and their thugs after discovering his movie has potential. Ned intervenes and suggests his public relations agent Connie to help their image. Later while Ned is at a spa he has a meeting with the Rothstein brothers to plan Al's downfall.

    Al and Timber have friends over for a BBQ to celebrate their movie being "green-lighted." When Al enters his beach house he is grabbed by the Rothstein goons who severely beat him but when Timber enters she is grabbed in her bedroom where the brothers rape her and kill Nickel. After warning the others, an ambulance is called and after he finds Timber and Nickel he vows "some people are going to die..." Al confronts the brothers in their office and after they mock him and speak about Timber he threatens to cut their tongues out if they spoke again...they spoke...they lost their tongues.Al takes out the goons, with the Vultures help. After the fight Al leaves but the Vulture stays wielding a small knife and says, "you were lucky with Kraven, but I'll make sure you can't do to another girl what you did to Timber." Al reveals he made a call for help as Spider-Man arrives, later the trio head to Connie's office. She reveals her boss is Ned, and she is not a woman but a monster, and that Ned is also his half brother. While Spidey and Vulture handle Connie Al goes to find Ned. He is shocked to find his father in Ned's office, but it is actually his uncle the Chameleon, being used by Ned. The fight of course, but when the Chameleon snaps he charges at Al with a spear but Al dodges and Ned is impaled. The group return to New York where Alyosha and Vulture fight crime together. Al, Timer and her dog Nickels live together in an apartment together.


    Alyosha was a members of a team of six heroes and villains that were involuntarily transported to Battleworld in the mini-series Beyond!. Beyond is a six part miniseries that featured Al, The Wasp, Spider-Man, Henry Pym, Firebird, The Hood, Gravity, Medusa, and the former Scorpion Mac Gargan who uses the Venom symbiote. The Beyonder is to blame for their current predicament, he claims that if they slay their enemies the victor will be greatly rewarded. Twists and betrayals occur that result in identities to be revealed other revelations and the sacrifice of a young hero.

    The Kravinoff Zoo

    Alyosha, after returning from Battleworld, eventually begins experimenting with his fathers jungle potions. Extended use of his concoctions leave him stronger but mentally unstable. He begins hunting villains that are animal themed in order to create his own zoo. His zoo houses the likes of the Kangaroo, Tiger Shark, the Gargoyle, Dragon Man, Grizzly, (the Black Knight's former horse) Aragorn, Mongoose and Rhino, among others. The Punisher starts searching for Al and his zoo because Al stole Rhino from him. Al has his prisoners rigged with explosive neck bands, Rhino questions Vulture (Toomes), since he is an inventor why hadn't he gotten his off, he shows him his broken hands. Rhino is shocked he was hoping Punisher would find him. To set as example for his prisoners he killed Aragorn for disobeying, he was then cooked and served to his fellow inmates. Al had been giving the prisoners drugs (probably jungle potions) in order to get them crazed and animalistic. Punisher finally catches up with Al and infiltrates the Kravinoff zoo. Punisher finds Rhino in hopes he can take Al out, but Al takes him out with a single punch then does the same to the Punisher. Alyosha ties Frank (he calls him a "tiny monkey") up in a chamber that was slowly filling with water. He frees the crazed villains on his way out to impede Frank. The Punisher escapes and pursues Al but he has to get past multiple drug crazed villains. Al escapes to the Savage Land because the Punisher lost his trail.

    The Grim Hunt

    Alyosha vs. Spider-Man
    Alyosha vs. Spider-Man

    Alyosha is next seen joining his sister Ana and step-mother Sasha Kravinoff in their Grim Hunt. His family put Spider-Man through the Gauntlet captured Mattie Franklin and Madame Web but he joined the hunt. He and Ana nearly beat the spider clone Kaine to death. They mock him and don't consider him a real "spider" and punish him for "stealing" Spider-Man's "life and making it ugly." Their next target, Julia Carpenter,is a former Spider-Woman now known as Arachne, Alyosha and Ana stalk her through the city Al armed with multiple and Ana two knives. Their armed chase ends when Spider-Man intervenes but their fighting continues on multiple rooftops. Their fist fight ends when Arachne webs Ana to a wall and Spidey kicks Al of a roof and he is impaled through the shoulder. Al later accompanies his siblings, Electro and Diablo to a graveyard where Mattie is tied down as a sacrifice. He watches as Electro shocks Mattie as his mother uses a knife (covered in a solution Diablo created) to stab her. Moments after Mattie dies his brother Vladimir rises from the grave but not as Grim Hunter, but as a werewolf type creature.

    Powers and Abilities


    Alyosha Kravinoff has the same powers as his father had. Due to Kraven's use of potions for power passed onto Al naturally; Al has natural super strength, speed and agility. His senses are better than most animals because of his father. He has a natural (and decently powerful) healing factor, he has survived a near disembowelment and being impaled on a rooftop (Amazing Spider-Man #634) and being fully healed in the same day.

    Animal Control

    Alyosha is actually a mutant, his mutant power was passed on from his mother, she can speak to, understand and command animals and Alyosha inherited these abilities.


    Al is an expert hunter, hand to hand combatant and skilled with all kinds of weapons. He usually carries knives with him at all times, he is well versed with knives, daggers, spears (basically anything with a blade) and fire arms of all kind. Al often wears his father's lion vest and or wrist gauntlets that are capable of shooting electricity.

    Super Strength

    Alyosha body structure and connective tissues augument his strength beyond that of a normal man, thus allowing Alyosha possesses the strength to lift up to 3 tons.

    Super Speed

    Alyosha is able to run at 60 miles per hour only over short distances though.


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