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Exactly how and when Alyce Stonecliff came to be a vampire has not been revealed, though she has stated that she has "centuries of experience" as a vampire. An attractive British woman in her 30's when she was first turned, she became an established member of the European undead community. In modern times she decided to draw upon her intimate knowledge of vampire lifestyles to write a series of lurid vampire romance novels called 'Blood Rose.' These novels became a phenomenon, especially with teenage girl readers, making Alyce a very wealthy celebrity author. When Alyce went on book signing tours she realized how easy it was to lure her adoring fans into private situations and feed on them, and this became her preferred vampire lifestyle.


Alyce Stonecliff was created by writer Marc Andreyko and artist Dave Acosta in 2014 to serve as the main antagonist in Chastity's rebooted origin story for Dynamite Entertainment.

Character Evolution

As the main antagonist in Chastity's rebooted origin story, Alyce Stonecliff draws parallels to the Countess, the main antagonist in Chastity's first origin story for Chaos! Comics in 1996. Both Alyce and the Countess were wealthy and attractive elder British vampires who were shown to be at odds with the European Council of Vampires, and both gave the initial impression of being friendly to Chastity, only to reveal villainous intentions later. In the end, both suffered similar demises when Chastity and the Council eventually joined forces to bring them down.

Since the rebooted origin story was radically different, there were also notable differences between the two characters. Alyce revealed her villainy relatively quickly and was the character who attacked Chastity and turned her into a vampire, while the Countess was not responsible for turning Chastity and only gradually revealed her villainy. Alyce was shown to be quite unrestrained and savage as a vampire, while the Countess was far more calculating and underhanded in her behavior.


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