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Alvin is the oldest, he is the brother of Simon and Theodore. Alvin is the main protagonist and sometimes antagonist of the series. Alvin is impulsive, rude, charming and the leader of "Alvin and The Chipmunks." Alvin is self centered most of the time, but he will stick up for his brothers. He might act like the tough/cool guy all the time, but when it comes to his brothers getting hurt Alvin will jump up and help them immediately. Alvin's favorite color is red, and his signature letter is on his shirt. Alvin shares a love/hate relationship with one of the chipettes. Her name is Brittnay. Alvin and his brothers share many adventures, but it is usually bad. Alvin starts all the adventures, however it is usually only going to benefit Alvin. Alvin has little care for rules, he does not mind breaking into a closed area. Simon and Theodore don't usually follow, but if it is a benefit for them also. Dave usually screams Alvin's name this is famous.

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