Alvin Gentry

    Character » Alvin Gentry appears in 6 issues.

    Alvin Gentry is the lead character in Vigilante Project. He has no special powers, resources, or training.

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    Sick of his alcoholic stepfather’s abusiveness, one night, ten year old Alvin Gentry took matters into his own hands and ended it. Cleared of criminal charges but forced to undergo years of mind numbing counseling, the pain and anger of the abuse were pushed to the dark recesses of his mind, locked away, seemingly for good.

    Over the years Alvin became a father figure to his baby sister Alicia, helping to raise her while his newly single Mother worked two jobs to get by. As an adult Alvin is at best, apathetic. About the only thing that he takes seriously is his Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, and his dream of making it to the UFC. That is, until something else steals his focus.

    When Alvin’s 12-year-old sister Alicia is kidnapped, he naturally trusts the police to find her. After a few weeks, the authorities suggest that he and his Mother consider her dead, and move on with their lives. They do. Months later Alicia’s body if found dumped on the side of the road. When the autopsy reveals that she was repeatedly raped and only recently murdered, Alvin detests his initial indifference. As the investigation stalls he slips into a deep, angry, depression.

    With his world crumbling around him, our hero uncovers a clue that could help solve the case. Ignored by police and with more and more time passing, Alvin grows agitated. When he stumbles upon a robbery, Alvin first avoids the conflict. But then, something snaps and he takes matters into his own hands, taking out two attackers by the skin of his teeth. The fear, exhilaration, and pain of the fight seem to awaken him from numbness, and Alvin starts down a road to retribution.

    With no special training, experience, or resources Alvin Gentry takes on what he calls his vigilante project, and sets out to find his sister’s killer. An amateur detective, he struggles to follow the clues and must develop the skills and techniques necessary as he goes. Alvin must learn how to fight on the street, how to shoot, how to protect his identity, and more.

    Along the way he seeks counsel from a local Catholic priest, crosses a street gang with ties to organized crime, and falls in love with his married apartment manager Rebecca. But when Alvin discovers that there is more to his sister’s disappearance than meets the eye, he must take on more than he ever expected, risking it all to save another little girl that is being held by the same man.


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