Team » Altrove appears in 76 issues.

    Altrove is a secret organization managed by US Government, designed to deal with unusual phenomena that are "impossible" for official science and archeology. it appears in different Sergio Bonelli Editore comics.

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    The base and organization of "Altrove" (meaning "Elsewhere") was founded in 1776 by future US president Thomas Jefferson and scientist Benjamin Franklin, with the help of Amanda Janosz , a fortune teller of European descent, and Jean-Louis Bientôt, a French adventurer. Among the many agents and employees " above suspicion " there have been both historical figures , such as Edgar Allan Poe and Garibaldi , or popular fictional characters, such as Sherlock Holmes and Abraham Van Helsing.

    Directors of the base

    Edgar Allan Poe, an unsuspected Altrove agent
    Edgar Allan Poe, an unsuspected Altrove agent

    Since 1776, the base of Altrove has had the following directors:

    • Thomas Jefferson
    • Mr. Roberts
    • "Dad"
    • Mr. Moorcock
    • Gordon Cole
    • Ben Maxwell
    • "Milady"
    • Clarence Hopkins (also a Man in Black)
    • Chris Tower

    While Chris Tower is the "current" director, it is known that, in two possible future timelines, there will be two further directors:


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