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Adam Kroft was abused as a child by his own father, one day his metagene was activated by being beaten and he turned into a monstrous creature called Alter, who eventually killed his father and then fell unconscious having no more memories of what happened. When police arrived, Adam was sent to live with his aunt in Chicago, who changed his name to Benjamin Caroll, for fear that the killer would come behind the boy, but she didn't know that her own nephew is the killer.

Some years later Benjamin became detective of the CPD.


Alter was created by Louise Simonson and Frank Fosco. Alter made his first comic book appearance in Steel #9.

Major Story Arcs

Alter returns

For More Information:

Steel #9

After the mysterious murder of a woman named Rosie Kurtz,Detective Caroll was overseeing the crime scene and truly believes Steel was responsible for the murder,even without evidences that can prove his theory arrested him until last orders. Lieutenant Jefferson helps Steel to get out of jail so they can capture the real serial killer,once out Steel devises a plan to lure the killer out in the open using Lieutenant Jefferson as bait.

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Once alone, Alter springs from the shadows and attempts to slash Lieutenant 's throat,but only strikes her clothes then Lieutenant Jefferson fires three shots in point blank at Alter without sucess. Steel used a sneak attack using the sledgehammer and arm's rivets gauntlet, then Alter transform back into his human form revealing to be the Detective Caroll. Alter then went on the offensive seizing the moment of clarity. Alter then tries to strangle Steel to death and almost does before he manages to break free and knock Alter unconscious with one final blow from his hammer.

Later is revealed Alter has killed three people in the Chicago area who he believed got away with abusing their children,Ms. Rosie Kurtz because she had discovered his secret identity. Kroft was then convicted of numerous crimes and incarcerated at the Slab.

Trying to escape

After sometime he joined forces with Sonar to escape from the Slab,but their attempts were frustrated by Kyle Rayner.

Powers & Abilities

Adam Kroft that is only activated in a state of extreme stress or anger, turning it into hulking monster,with strength, agility and heightened senses to superhuman levels.


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