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Always sensitive to the signals and demands of their audience, Angela and Luciana decided to meet this demand and to introduce a new character in the series.

Altea Vallenberg of fits in with the mythical history of Diabolik episode THE GREAT blackmail (October 1964), and now looks like a woman completely different from any others before, with the exception of Eva Kant, had crossed the King of Terror. In fact not fear him, confronts him face to face, and does not hesitate to bypass diplomacy Beglait and plotting with the Inspector Ginko just to foil the sinister plans of Diabolik. The strange duet, formed by a policeman and a penniless noble lady, will give a hard time to the great thief, but it will not stop him.

Their collaboration will help to discover them as a couple, united by affinities and unexpected love. A difficult love, of course, opposed by social inequality ( "Tomorrow will end the dream of a poor cop who has fallen in love the beautiful Duchess of Vallenberg. This love is impossible " Ginko says the conclusion of their first meeting) and professional (Altea affirm "It is not easy to live next to Ginko. It is a wonderful man, but his work comes first ". A MANI VUOTE 1990).

The tie between the cop and the duchess, however, is firmly in place, able to overcome the limitations imposed by the roles. If readers know that Ginko has always been adamant man, but over the years have been able to find comparable quality in Altea, which has suffered as a lady of strong character, but whose origins high places leaving a feeling of snobbishness fund.

Then, the special I MISTERI DI VALLENBERG (2007), we will know who is "Duchess of Vallenberg " only because the widow of the Duke of the same name, perished in tragic circumstances, and you will find that it was the first nurse and then munificent benefactor.

When the revolution breaks out in Beglait (LA LUNGA FUGA, 1971) will come out its policy determination. So readers will realize that high is more than an anachronistic noblewoman. And then, in fact, what seemed an elegant lady - more concerned with how to look your best in social occasions that as a move in the chaotic world of her fellow police officer - has re-addressing the threat of Diabolik (earning the respect of the King of Terror, "Altea is like Ginko. both die so as not to breach of their principles ", ALTEA TI UCCIDERO', 1996) and other vicious criminals; has been kidnappings for purposes of blackmail and revenge cross has escaped an attack, and has even been the victim of a rape. It 's not all: not only found the courage to commit crimes, but even ally with Eva Kant.

All without ever losing a bit of elegance.


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