Alpha Ray

    Character » Alpha Ray appears in 7 issues.

    Alpha Ray is a biomechanical creature, though he has apparently been lobotomized or otherwise treated so that he only follows orders

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    Alpha Ray is the first attempt of the Korbinites to create a protector of their people. He was a biomechanical creation and very powerful. But what the being lacked was a mind. Uncontrollable, the Korbinites placed him in stasis.  They then successfully created a new protector, Beta Ray Bill. When Galactus approached New Korbin, the priests suggested using Alpha Ray to protect them in the absence of Beta Ray. The military did not believe this to be a good idea, but finally they had no choice. Alpha Ray was awakened.
    Alpha Ray sped towards Galactus. At the same time, Beta Ray realized the threat and headed to face Galactus as well. Alpha Ray attacked Beta Ray, claiming that the Korbinites only needed one protector. In the end, both were defeated and New Korbin destroyed. While searching for survivors, Stardust found Alpha Ray and brought him to his master. Galactus did not wish to see Alpha Ray killed and spared him. Alpha Ray was given a final task by Galactus. It was to help Beta Ray Bill and Stardust defeat the being known as Asteroth. Alpha Ray helped to push Asteroth into a black hole, but was consumed in it as well. 


    Alpha Ray is a Marvel comic book character created by Michael Avon Oeming, Dan Berman and Andrea Divito. The character first appears in Stormbreaker: The Saga of Beta Ray Bill #1 released in 2005. 

    Powers and Abilities

    Alpha Ray is a cyborg possessing superstrength, durability, stamina and speed. He is powerful enough to contend with Beta Ray Bill, but perhaps not as powerful. Alpha Ray can survive and function in the vacuum of space.       

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