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    Character » Alpha One appears in 15 issues.

    A Superman-like hero with a shadowy past and dark motives…

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    The Mighty

    Allegedly, Alpha One was a navy sailor lost at sea who was exposed to radiation-filled water from a nuclear test in 1952, making him the first superhero. Years later, by using his own fiances via fees from merchandise like toys, Alpha One creates a group called Section Omega headed by Captain Shaw. After any emergency Alpha One deals with Section Omega comes in and cleans up the mess. Captain Shaw acts somewhat like a publicist and even does interviews expressing how important Alpha One is to the world. Also working for Section Omega is Gabriel Cole who has a fiancee named Janet. When Gabriel was a young boy he was saved by Alpha One from some type of incident and now has a large number of the very merchandise of the man who saved him. After Alpha One saves a train full of passengers, Shaw, who was doing an interview with Larry King, gets a signal in the form of a glowing A on his hand and calls Cole to go to work. Shaw orders Cole to keep anyone on the train from speaking to the media.

    During a training session with Shaw he gives a report on the train, saying everything was fine and could have been much worse if not for Alpha One and only four people have not been found but they are probably dead. After Cole goes home observing his collection he answers the door to find a dying Shaw at his door. Cole summons Alpha One via the A on his hand and he holds Shaw in his arms until he dies and then takes him from Cole's home. Later during an autopsy on Shaw, Cole is told that he will now replace him. At a bar with Janet Gabriel talks about taking the job but she doesn't like the idea becuase they tend to die soon and then a Captain Rhines is brought up who went insane and was then covered up by Section Omega and kept out of the eyes of the public. Gabriel wants to take the job but meanwhile Alpha One has been floating outside of the bar the whole time.


    Alpha One has powers like those of Superman. He has great super human strength and was able to stop and out of control train with almost no trouble. He is obviously very durable, maybe even being invulnerable. He can also fly and hover with ease and possesses superhuman senses and Superman-like heat, xray, and telescopic vision.


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