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Puck Part 73: Alpha Flight #96

Alpha Flight #96 (May, 1991)

Puck aids in a rescue mission on an oil tanker…much to The Master’s delight.

A tanker carrying millions of gallons of oil has run aground in . It’s on fire, and leaking oil into the bay. Judd arrives with Box, Guardian, Windshear and Diamond Lil to help where they can. Box locates a life sign deep within the vessel and Judd joins the group as they fight through the fires to get to the wounded crew member. They find him and Judd helps bring him out.

Notes of Interest:

1) Not much character development here, but The Master confirms using Scramble’s DNA on Judd.

WTF? Moment: Judd overhears and Lil discuss her impending biopsy. I’m sure whatever feelings Judd may have had for Lil are over and done with, but that must have been awkward to listen to.

WTF? Moment #2: It’s nice to see a little comic relief (pun intended) without going overboard. It shows the comfort level developing between characters and how the new line-up is working out.  

WTF? Moment #3: While the other main storyline this issue has The Master becoming a major Alpha Flight enemy once more, we get his story in flashbacks and see a panel dating back to his encounter with Judd from Alpha Flight #16. Don’t you just love continuity?


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