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Dr. Langkowski is forced to reveal his secret identity to his fellow scientists when they are attacked on a research outing!

Several scientists along with Dr. Walter Langkowski are monitering cosmic rays over the canadian skies as per orders of the government. Story continues as a signal was being picked up. Langkowski says to try to beam in the transmission and find out what it is since it was showing signs of brain activity. As the figure materialized it shows the figure none other than the Thing from the Fantastic Four, who then collapses immediately. The scientists tried to move him, but unable as he is too heavy. Reluctant Walter transforms into the incredible Sasquatch and taking ben to the infirmary the physician asks Sasquatch if he knows of any prior conditions that the Thing might have. While muttering to himself about a possible up coming issue with Sasquatch in it with the Fantastic Four. Sasquatch gets into an arguement with McMurdo as resident douche. They are asked to leave the room as he tried to get some work done.

As the physician finally able to get blood out of Ben, realized there is something wrong with the blood. Meanwhile Walter and a researcher are in the kitchen talking about the transformation and how every grows in proportion, when McMurdo comes in and says something is wrong with the Dr.Duncan the physician. They rush to his office and rather than open the door or check to see if its locked well just bust it open.

They make speculations on what happened as the doctors body was left fried to a crisp and ben is gone. Langkowski being the genius in radiation also a master detective, deducting that the person was already inside and was invisible. Walter then decides to try to track this person down. Upon realizing the powers which were involved he heads back to the station only to see it blow up. Coming down the remains he spends one more moment with Megan before she dies in his arms. The cries out for the monster show himself. The Super Skrull then shows up using the powers all the fantastic four.



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