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Puck Part 57: Alpha Flight #82

Puck is a wanted man! Shaman is looking for him, and someone else has him…  


Judd is still in Ottawa General Hospital, being kept drugged up by someone working for The Master. 


Notes of Interest: 

1) We learn Judd was moved from the recovery room he shared with Michael Twoyoungmen the previous day and hasn’t been seen since.

2) We learn that The Master is behind Judd’s abduction.


WTF? Moment: If memory serves, doesn’t Judd have a microchip implanted behind his ear that can be used as a tracking device as of Marvel Fanfare #28 that could be used to find him? Guess nobody cares enough about Judd to think of that, especially Hudnall.

WTF? Moment #2: Speaking of Judd’s ear, his right one specifically, it doesn’t seem to be affected by the other changes his body is going through. Wasn’t it “cured” along with the rest of him while in the Dreamqueen’s Liveworld?

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