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Puck Part 3: Alpha Flight #5

We get to see Puck in action this issue (finally!) as he discovers a drug trafficking ring. 
Judd’s still in the hospital after being attacked by Marrina in Alpha Flight #2, but is recovering nicely. His biggest problem now is the pain he’s almost constantly in. He’s able to focus past it most of the time, but one night it gets to be too much and he calls a nurse for help, which doesn’t arrive. Curious, Judd leaves his bed and investigates. He finds the nurse on call sneaking around in a storeroom. She shoos him back to bed and gives him something for the pain, but Judd decides to do some sneaking of his own the next day. 
He finds that some medicine has been cut in half and replaced with water, and informs the Chief Administrator of his findings. It is agreed that Judd should look into things further before contacting the police. That night, Judd traces the drugs to a boathouse, where he learns the traffickers are following orders from someone higher up. Judd’s caught, and fights his way to a phone to call in the cavalry, but passes out due to his injuries. He wakes up back in the hospital, with the administrator and a police sergeant by his side. Judd learns that he succeeded in making the call and the bad guys, along with the nurse, were captured. Judd’s not convinced the case is closed, and his suspicions are confirmed when he stops the Chief Administrator from giving him a lethal dose of insulin. Satisfied the case is now closed, Judd is expected to make a full recovery.  
Notes of Interest: 
1) It’s obvious that Byrne used this issue to distance Judd from the other short, hairy Canadian he’s worked with in the past. Judd has more of a Hemmingway feel about him - having been tiger hunting in , and reading Shakespeare (get it…Puck…Shakespeare…Puck?).  
2) Judd trusts his instincts and acts on them.
3) I like the “little people’ comment. It reminded me of that CSI episode. It shows Byrne really did his homework regarding the condition.
4) I guess Alpha Flight can’t afford unstable molecules, so they have to rely on Shaman’s skills to repair costumes. Which brings me to…
WTF? Moment: Apparently, Judd knows Susan Richards. He was in the hospital during the fight with the Master, so he didn’t meet her there. It’s possible that they met somewhere else; it’s also possible he might just know about her from reading American newspapers, but my money is on the fact that they have connections within the mighty Marvel bullpen. But that’s just me…  

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