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The Story

Puck takes Alpha Flight to visit the Taskmaster after the events of Fear Itself. They have a nice friendly little scrap, after which taskmaster reminds Puck that if he wants him to train an army, then he need t have money. So what does Puck do? Why, he robs a bank of course, which the government loves, making our heroes look even more like bad guys. They escape to the their base camp in the Saint Elias Mountains, Yukon, where Walter informs the team that the tech that the alien ships had is Plodex technology, which Marrina is none to happy about, and that that associates it with the Master of the World. They then watch a news broadcast where a unified Kyle speaks out against Northstar, calling him a traitor and laughing at the idea of his death. Needless to say, Northstar isn't thrilled. Guardian and a suit-wearing Alice Hu the-annoying-obnoxious-reporter-lady have a little sparring match, monitored by the Taskmaster, and she flirts with him, smacking his butt. Walter tries to get a little nice time going with Jeanne-Marie, but her mental health still isn't doing so well, so she runs away. Aurora shows up at Department H, asking for help in getting rid of her Aurora persona forever. She is "coerced" by Purple Woman to b e completely submissive. The Aurora persona is visited by Shaman in his astral form, telling her that the country is DOOMED unless...

The Good

I really like Snowbird. Her dialogue reminds me of a really rich English person. She's so snotty and arrogant its great. Puck and Taskmasters banter is also likewise amusing. Marrina is also now a great character. Whatta punk. I'm really interested to see where this is going with Vindicator being a bad guy. Also, I liked how they robbed a bank. To me, it didn't really feel stupid. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

The Bad

So first of all, when Guardian's butt gets smacked, it looks WAY to perfect and perky. I mean really, he's an engineer, not a cyclist. I don't know much about the Taskmaster, but does he have friends? Because he and Puck seem really chummy. What kind of killed the issue for me was the end. Terribly cliché. You must do blank because of black or else the world is doomed. WTF?

The Verdict

Meh. I like the writing, though the ending was lame, and the art is good. Nothing special, but decent. The issue was nothing wild.

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