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Puck Part 35: Alpha Flight #39

Puck joins Namor’s cause to free Marrina from Attuma, the ruler of Atlantis.
Sensors indicate an intruder approaching the mansion as the team arrives from their trip to the Place of Power last issue. Judd is carried by Aurora and Northstar to confront the stranger, and it turns out to be Byrrah, who Namor sent to Alpha Flight to get their help in freeing Marrina. Judd agrees, and explains to the team the circumstances behind Marrina’s absence. Judd learns that Mansion Alpha has been bugged by the Canadian government, as Gary Cody appears on a screen forbidding Alpha Flight from invading Atlantis and creating an international incident. Judd witnesses Vindicator’s response to being spied on and the team prepares to leave.
The Omniship is shot down as they approach Atlantis, but Judd and the others survive. He holds his own as the invasion commences, and together with Namor and the Avengers, they find and free Marrina…but wind up surrounded by the overwhelming number of Atlantean forces. 
Notes of Interest: 
1) Apparently, Judd can’t swim.
2) He does, however, seem pretty comfortable wielding Atlantean technology while riding Snowbird in her whale form. (Insert joke here.)
3) This is where Judd is formally introduced to Captain America, Captain Marvel (later Photon), Black Knight, Wasp and Hercules.
WTF? Moment: It’s interesting how Bill Mantlo and David Ross make a big point of having these two teams meet. Didn’t they already do that in Secret Wars #9? Maybe with all that was going on then, they were never properly introduced.
WTF? Moment #2: Here it is! The first official appearance of Judd’s “thermal” outfit. I guess it was stored somewhere in the Omniship. And yet, it is sadly missing from the cover!

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