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The issue begins with Alpha Flight moving into their new mansion headquarters. Heather Hudson is having her doubts over taking leadership of the team after the death of Mac, her husband. A helicopter cable snaps and heavy equipment falls towards some technicians standing on the ground. While the rest of Alpha Flight rescues the technicians, Box catches the equipment which Madison Jeffries turns into harmless toys.

After a quick tour of the mansion, Jeffries transforms the toys back into their original shape. Heather expresses amazement over his ability and Jeffries says that it was nothing compared to what his brother could do. Being unaware that Jeffries had a brother, Heather decides she should learn more about her new team.

In another part of Canada, Shaman leaves Snowbird and Doug Thompson to go on a pilgrimage to the land of his ancestors. Snowbird and Doug both agree that she should follow Shaman and see him to safety.

Back at the mansion, Heather searches Alphanex(their computer) and finds out that Jeffries brother is a doctor at a Montreal hospital. She takes the Omniship to go visit him. Puck sees her leave and assembles the other Alphans to follow her.

At the hospital, Heather discovers that Jeffries brother Lionel is a patient at the hospital; not a doctor. She reaches out to him and suddenly...

An hour later, Alpha Flight arrives to find the hospital overrun by hideous monsters. Jeffries reveals that his brother has the ability to transmute organic matter, much like he himself can transmute metal. While in the army, Lionel had tried to use his power to fix the victims of an explosion and went mad.

Alpha Flight discovers that Heather has been transformed into a monster, also. Puck stays with her, Jeffries searches for his brother and the rest of the team fight off the mutates.

Jeffries finds Lionel in the morgue; trying to bring the dead back to life. After a brief scuffle, Jeffries makes Scramble touch his own head and thus cures Lionel's insanity. Scramble returns everyone in the hospital to normal. However, unnoticed by anyone, the last body Lionel had been manipulating in the morgue rises off of a slab and shambles off.



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Puck Part 25: Alpha Flight #30 0

Puck gets acquainted to his new digs and faces a new enemy.  Judd helps his fellow Alphans move into their new headquarters – Walter Langkowski’s Great-Aunt’s mansion on Tamarind Island. After settling in, Judd wakes in the middle of the night to find Heather’s taken the Omniship. The team follows her to Montreal General Hospital, where they find everyone turned into misshapen monsters. Judd learns that Madison’s brother Lionel has the ability to reshape biological matter, and was locked up at t...

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