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Amphibious Alpha Flight member Marrina has gone feral and is lashing out at the rest of the team. What is causing her unexpected behavior?

Alpha Flight, despite having lost the funding and no longer receiving official sanctioning by the Canadian government, have decided to remain together as a superhero team for sake of protecting their country.

Thanks to Heather Hudson's involvement, former Beta Flight members Marrina and Puck are now part of Alpha Flight, and join the rest of the team as they conduct training exercises in the Proving Grounds, not far from Fort Albany, Ontario in Canada.

After the training exercise, there is a discussion between James MacDonald Hudson, currently known as Vindicator, and team member Shaman. Shaman suggests to Hudson he should re-think his identity as he is currently known as Vindicator. Hudson agrees and decides to go by the code name "Guardian".

During this time, Merrina withdraws from the group and sits on the bank of Albany River, seemingly upset. Puck makes his way to Merrina to talk to her, and during their conversation, Merrina's demeanor changes and her face seems to take on a different form as she reaches out and lashes Puck with her talons, nearly disemboweling him. Shaman uses his magic to help heal him, but Puck's injuries are very severe and is brought to a hospital.

Some of Merrina's origins are revealed by Guardian, as he and the rest of the team depart the hospital and pursue Marrina. They are able to track her due to the implanted com-link each member has. Merrina has headed North, underwater, to an unknown location, but it becomes apparent her speed underwater may exceed that of Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

Merrina is then shown in the frozen waters in an undisclosed location, but makes her way through the ice unimpeded and without problems as it is revealed she immune to temperature conditions in the water.

The story explains she is being drawn to the area by some unseen force, calling her in her mind.

The end of the story shows Marrina as she emerges from the water and into a subterranean ice cave, and meets a mysterious man clad in some type of armor and a helmet, sitting on a command chair in a room filled wtih electronic panels and wires.

The back-up story reveals how Alpha Flight began, and delves into revealing Hudson's initial design for the super-strength and flight exoskeletal suit and cybernetic helmet he created which served as the prototype for his current suit.



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Puck Part 2: Aplha FLight #2 0

Puck faces Marrina’s dark side...and loses.  Judd starts out laughing at Sasquatch during a training exercise, and ends up getting gutted by Marrina. The Flight take him to the nearest hospital and Shaman uses his medical skills to essentially knit his organs back together. He survives the operation, but faces an uphill battle recuperating.  Notes of Interest: 1) Not much character development this issue, except we learn that as much as he may remind us of Wolverine, Judd has no special healing ...

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