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Puck Part 12: Alpha Flight #19

Puck travels one hundred years into the past to help stop Ranaq from entering the world.  
Shaman’s battle against Great Beast Ranaq last issue isn’t over yet. He summons Judd and Snowbird to Fort Calgary, where they have to travel into the past and witness Ranaq the Devourer being freed from imprisonment. While Judd doesn’t do much against the magical creature, he does prevent young Lucas Stang from leaving, which is crucial, since Stang is the one needed to destroy Ranaq. 
Notes of Interest: 
1) Judd knows seventeen languages. Sarcee isn’t one of them.
2) He also witnesses Elizabeth Twoyoungmen become Talisman.
WTF? Moment: I like how the spell Shaman casts to send them into the past also changes Judd’s clothes into his costume, but where is his headgear? I believe this is the first variation of his costume to be seen, and I kind of like it. Does Judd really need a secret identity?  

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