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The Magicians Daughter 0

Okay, well you know how it goes, win some lose some. I am sorry, but this book had some decent parts to it, but over all I was kind of let down. It may have something to do with me just being unimpressed with Shamans daughter ( The Talisman ) as a character. She is really a less interesting knock off of her father. The action was cool, John Byrne is not usually in the habit of dissapointing on fight scenes. There is a bit of squarehead going on though. Not as bad as Jack Kirby, but Byrne is de...

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John Byrne at his best? 0

I have to say upfront that John Byrne is one of my favorite artists, but his story telling lacks some. In this particular issue of Alpha Flight Byrne has shown again why he is such a revered artist. Check out the character Ranaq if you ever happen upon this issue, you will be blown away by the imagination one man has. The story, however, leaves something to the imagination of that man. With the introduction of a new character, even one that has no real future like Talisman, you expect some sense...

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Puck Part 12: Alpha Flight #19 0

Puck travels one hundred years into the past to help stop Ranaq from entering the world.      Shaman’s battle against Great Beast Ranaq last issue isn’t over yet. He summons Judd and Snowbird to Fort Calgary, where they have to travel into the past and witness Ranaq the Devourer being freed from imprisonment. While Judd doesn’t do much against the magical creature, he does prevent young Lucas Stang from leaving, which is crucial, since Stang is the one needed to destroy Ranaq.  Notes of Intere...

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