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Puck Part 11: Alpha Flight #18

Judd and Heather spend some time together as they plan for Alpha Flight’s future.

He returns to his apartment after a food run to find Heather holding a spare Guardian suit in front of a mirror. He freaks out, but she calms him down, saying that she has no intention of becoming a super-hero. He’s glad to hear it, saying that her leadership should be more of a sideline role. Judd listens in as Heather begins calling other members, starting with Northstar, who simply refuses to be a part of Alpha. Judd admits he’s not surprised, and encourages her to call someone else. She chooses Dr. Twoyoungmen, but they learn that some young woman barged into his office two days ago looking for Shaman…by name. 

Notes of Interest: 
1) Not much new info here, except that Judd seems to like fast food.
WTF? Moment: What is it with Judd and fast food anyway? He took Heather and Michael to a burger joint when they were recuperating from Guardian’s death, and he brings more fast food back to his apartment here. Maybe he needs the calories? Or maybe he thinks Heather needs them? Then again, he is living off a bouncer’s wages…
WTF? Moment #2: What is a full length mirror doing in Judd’s apartment? As far as we know, he’s been a dwarf his whole life.
WTF? Moment #3: Judd seems pretty concerned about Heather looking at Guardian’s suit. It could be because he doesn’t want her to enter dangerous situations as a superhero. But it could also be because he sees her thinking about Mac, which brings another set of concerns. 
WTF? Moment #4: It appears Heather’s staying at Judd’s apartment; since the government can’t offer any support and the left their place to move to . He may be a perfect gentleman, but he’s sneaked a peek once or twice. I’m sure of it.

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