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Puck Part 83: Alpha Flight #105

Alpha Flight #105 (February, 1992)

It’s Madison Jefferies’ bachelor party, and Puck is there to partake in the celebration.

Judd is with Colin, Walter, Jean-Paul and Kyle as they celebrate ’s impending wedding at a local bar. But it’s also Christmas Eve, and when someone tries to rob the bar they learn that the thief was only planning to borrow the money because his landlord raised the rent on his family’s home. The Alpha males decide to help him, and Judd, Walter and Colin pay the landlord a visit and ‘convince’ him to sell them the house.

Notes of Interest:

1) Judd has known Jean-Paul for six years as of this issue.

2) The bar they are at is called Corky’s, and is the same bar Judd was a bouncer at when he received the Alpha Flight call signal back in Alpha Flight #1.

3) Apparently, John Byrne hangs out at Corky’s too.

4) Judd reveals to Corky and others that he’s Puck of Alpha Flight and nobody believes him…not even Byrne.

WTF? Moment: Judd’s over seventy years old at this point and comments that the thief’s story is the most tragic thing he’s seen on a Christmas Eve. Really? I know it was summer when he was in battle in with Hemmingway, but surely something tragic happened either to him or around him during Christmas time as he traveled the globe. Plus – wasn’t he in prison at some point?

WTF? Moment #2: Having him storm off after Corky asks for an 8x10 of Guardian was funny. It would have been funnier if he brought in a pic of Mac in his Guardian days – a Byrne pin-up perhaps?    

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