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Guardian, Puck and a furious Vindicator confront General Clark, who had ordered Alpha Flight to apprehend Wolverine, which turned out to be a fool's errand. Clarke claims the fiasco was not deliberate, but rather due to faulty intelligence. Nonetheless, the team refuses to undertake his follow-up mission, and so Clarke retreats to his lab, where he makes a call to put a plan into action.

During Alpha Flight's downtime, Puck warns Radius to become more of a team player; Flex learns the biological father of Radius, his brother, is Unus the Untouchable; and Heather packs, intending to leave. Puck comes to talk to her, but their conversation is interrupted by an urgent email warning her Alpha Flight's lives are in danger, and asking her to meet at the Prometheus Division.

Meanwhile, in Paris, Virgo and Taurus teleport to rejoin the rest of the rebuilding Zodiac after Taurus had just killed two innocent persons.

At Department H, the team meet Dr. Myra Haddock, author of the email. With Clarke's Epsilon Guards hot on the Alphans' heels, Dr. Haddock hides them by sending them into the Prometheus Pit. As the team transitions to the Microverse, Clarke arrives and assures Haddock that her unwilling deception ensured further funding for her research.

The Alphans eventually find themselves on the Microversal world of Ant Tica, where the native Insectivorid population has been subjugated by one Baron Zebek. The Baron's Shadow Priests escort Alpha Flight to his palace where he warmly welcomes them.

Later, Zebek and Alpha Flight are at an arena where, to most of the team's horror, they witness a brutal gladiatorial contest. They quickly leave, and while Guardian flies off to investigate some strange chanting, the rest discover several Insectivorids, as well as Manbot, being subjected to the terror of the body banks. They try to make their way to rescue their android teammate.

Within a mountain peak, Guardian uncovers the source of the chanting: workers constructing a powerful weapon called the Quarkarion, capable of destroying the Microverse and part of Earth.

As Guardian reunites with Alpha flight to debrief them, they are met by the Micronauts, Arcturus Rann, Mari, Bug and Dexam.


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