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Second Genesis, Eh?

This is a surprisingly great debut issue in which John Byrne flexes his creative muscles doing great art and writing. Much of this issue mirrors the masterpiece Giant-Size X-men #1, in which a newly assembled team of X-men battles Krakoa (my namesake), a living landmass. Here, the issue starts with a somber Vindicator ruing over the disbandment of Alpha Flight, and their other trainee dept.'s, Beta and Gamma Flight. The team, however reunites with the added bonus of Beta grads, Marrina and Puck, to take down the Canadian equivalent of Krakoa, TUNDRA! The action is good, and I love the way Byrne introduces us to the individual characters in this impressively large issue. I was amazed at how quickly I came to care for the members of Alpha Flight though I only had a passing knowledge of them prior. This is a series I am definitely going to continue reading and tracking down the issues for, because the team is comprised of great characters and so long as the writing and art remain crisp, I will be going issue by issue through this impressive series.

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    As first issues go, this one doesn't exactly let us know who the characters are. With the exception of Northstar and Aurora, nothing outside of what they can do is really said about the characters. It's a good book don't get me wrong, but if you were not already familiar with them, this would not end up helping. That being said, both John Byrnes art and story telling techniques work here. I guess you would have to wait for the next issues to find out who these people really are. Oh, it is also...

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