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    Alpha-1 is the original Alpha unit created by King Lexian to aid Zordon in the fight against Master Vile. Assumed to be destroyed centuries ago, Alpha-1 returned to aid Zordon only to turn against their former master.

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    Created by Planet Edenoi’s greatest artisans under the command of King Lexian to aid Zordon in his battle against the forces of Darkness. Becoming the first in a series of Alpha’s and the most powerful of them all.


    Concept Sketch by Dan Mora
    Concept Sketch by Dan Mora

    Alpha-1 was created by Ryan Parrott and Eleonora Carlini and first appeared in Saban's Go Go Power Rangers #16 (2019).

    Major Story Arcs

    Birth and Near Death

    Alpha-1 was an instrumental ally in the early days of the battle against the forces of Dark Specter and Master Vile, being the protector of innocents before the creation of the Power Rangers. One day, Alpha-1 was lured into a trap on the Moon, Prillon 12, only to be caught off guard as the planet was destroyed with Alpha-1 along with it.

    Clinging onto life, Alpha-1 floated through the depths of space for centuries until rescued, rebuilding their body, and began the search for Zordon, discovering the scale of the damage done to the universe caused by the forces of evil over the centuries.

    Alpha-1 vs. the Power Rangers

    Alpha-1 is on the scene!
    Alpha-1 is on the scene!

    Arriving on Earth, Alpha-1 was quick to contact the Power Rangers, first secretly through secret messages, discovered by Billy Cranston. Eventually revealing themself to the Rangers, aiding them in battle before being reunited with their naster, Zordon.

    Unlike Alpha-5, Alpha-1 believed that the prime purpose of the Alpha’s is to be warriors. Guided by Zordon’s dream of peace and harmony, to make that dream a reality. With the destruction of Rita Repulsa being only the beginning.

    When Goldar, Squatt & Baboo attacked the Angel Grove Youth Centre, Alpha-1 interrupted a battle between Jason Scott and Goldar. Aiming to force the Rangers' hands by wanting to execute Goldar, with the goal of sending a message to Rita that the war is reaching its end. The Rangers, disagreeing with Alpha-1 tried to calm the situation before being attacked by Alpha-1.

    Alpha-1 reveals that over time they began to lose trust in Zordon’s methods, seeing countless innocents perish due to Zordon's inaction. Choosing to end the war between light and dark no matter the cost. Believing that the Power Rangers had been brainwashed by Zordon’s propaganda. Alpha-1, wanting to bring peace to the universe, decides to destroy the Rangers and Zordon.

    Matching the power of the Dino Megazord, Alpha-1 was defeated by the Rangers. With only moments left to live, Alpha-1 activated its self-destruct mode, only destroying itself in the end.

    Alpha-1’s Return

    Months later, rebuilding themself once again, Alpha-1 sought out Master Vile after Zordon’s betrayal, seeking a new ally against their old friend. Master Vile, convinced Alpha-1 to become the new vessel for Dark Specter. Rita Repulsa, believing she is worthier of Dark Spectre’s power, convinced Alpha-1 to betray her father.

    Assault on Safehaven
    Assault on Safehaven

    Now allied with Rita Repulsa, Alpha-1 drew the Omega Rangers into a trap, single-handedly beating the Rangers and their Zords. Knowing the Omegas would call for help, led the Power Rangers into another trap. Only to be overwhelmed by their combined might. Chasing the Rangers across the universe to Safehaven, Alpha-1 leads an assault on the planet to regain the Morphin Grid Navigator.

    Powers and Abilities

    Machine Assimilation

    Alpha-1 has the capability to absorb and adapt any machine or metal to their will and body. Utilizing them to reinforce their own body, create weapons or create new, more powerful forms. Alpha-1 has created their own Zord form through the use of this power, managing to match the might of the Dino Megazord. Alpha-1 has also incorporated other Zords temporarily into their body.


    Alpha-1 is able to fly via rockets that are built into their feet. While top speed is unknown, Alpha-1 can match the flight speed of the Omega Zords.


    Alpha-1 can shift their own body into different types of weaponry, from claws to energy blasters.

    Force Field

    Alpha-1 can create electrically enhanced forcefield wherever they desire, capable of withstanding energy attacks. However, if touched, may hurt those inside or outside.


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