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    The Witch Queen Alorana.

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    Continuing his search for the Jericho Visor, Sinbad comes upon the lands of the Witch Queen Alorana. Alorana decides to take Sinbad to her room for a private session. Sinbad's "right hand" man didn't trust her so he decides to spy on the two. While Alorana and Sinbad were having sex, Alorana's assitant Mahdu and Wilhem have a confrontation interrupting the two. Alorana scolds Mahdu, but finally discusses buisness with Sinbad. She tells him to travel to Ka'tan, where she can find the next t piece to the Jerichoc Visor. However she tells him that Mahdu must accompany him, but for her "mind to be at ease Sinbad had to leave Ash back with her."

    While Sinbad was away, Alorana placed Ash through a series of trials, which tested her abilities.


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