Alonzo Malrey

    Character » Alonzo Malrey appears in 16 issues.

    A San Diego cop caught in the disaster who wanted to be able to continue being a cop in Sub Diego, so he asked Anton Geist to alter him into a more impressive form.

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    A former cop who after the sinking of Sub-Diego volunteered to be changed into a powerful aquatic creature by Anton Geist in order to help and protect the newly water breathing people.


    Alonzo Malrey was created by Will Pfeifer and Patrick Gleason. His first appearance was in Aquaman #28.


    Aquaman v4

    A former cop, Alonzo Malrey was one of the many people to be caught in the sinking of San Diego. Due to Anton Geist and his experimental splicing of the water, Lonzo and many others found themselves now able to breathe underwater. When Geist went to help survivors at a local hospital he came across a despondent Malrey who felt useless underwater and all big bad threats would be handled by Aquaman. Geist made a passing comment about being more, but Malrey wanted to explore it further and thus Geist experimented on him turning him into the creature he is today. Aquaman was less than happy with it though and told Malrey if he wanted to help then he should go get a police force setup. Alonzo did just that and in his new form became the chief of police in Sub-Diego.

    He helped Aquaman and later Koryak defeats an enormous mutated sea creature that attacked Sub-Diego

    Infinite Crisis

    During Infinite Crisis, Malrey fought in the battle of Sub-Diego against Sea Wolf, Charybdis, and Gole of the Deep Six.

    When Atlantis was destroyed by Spectre and the remaining survivors moved to Sub Diego, Malrey was the overseer of the move.

    World War Three

    When the inhabitants of Sub-Diego began to become unable to breathe water again Aquaman used mystical means to resurface the city. Malrey, Lorena, and a few other, however, still retained their abilities and went on to rebuild Sub Diego and protect it.

    Black Manta would kidnap Malrey and use him as bait to lure the new Aquaman, Arthur Joseph Curry, out of hiding, They were able to rescue him however and he was able to recuperate at the home of the mayor of Sub Diego, Cal Durham.

    Powers & Abilities

    Alonzo Malrey was experimented on by Anton Geist and as a result gained some superhuman abilities.

    Superhuman Strength

    He has superhuman strength, allowing him to fight against other super strong opponents like Charybdis

    and even enormous monsters.

    Superhuman Speed

    He can swim at speeds much faster than humans and engage other super fast opponents like Sea Wolf underwater.

    Superhuman Durability

    He can take a lot of punishment including being bitten and trapped by an enormous monster or struck by the extremely powerful members of the Deep Six.

    Enhanced Senses

    His senses work better than a human's, being able to see, hear and smell at great depths.

    Enhanced Healing

    He can heal faster than normal as a result of Geist's experiments.

    Underwater Adaptation

    He can function normally underwater and is able to withstand the high pressures and extreme temperatures of the deep, but most likely not on land anymore.


    He possesses claws in each of his hands that he can use against his opponents.

    Trained Officer

    Being an ex-police officer, Malrey is trained in hand to hand combat and can hold his own against other metahumans.


    He is the police captain of Sub-Diego and in charge of the relocation of the Atlantean refugees.


    Water Dependability

    He can survive underwater indefinitely but he most likely can't breathe on land.


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