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Despite seeming like a normal young woman, Ramone is secretly the daughter of an exiled Dora Milaje member from Wakanda. At some point following her mother's death, she opened Ramone's Surf Shop in Venice, California.


Ramone was created by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero. She made her first appearance in Hawkeye #1.

Major Story Arcs


Ramone meets Kate Bishop, her new neighbour, and later comes to Kate seeking help when her ex-girlfriend Mikka goes missing. She invites her brother Johnny to help, and goes with him, Kate, and Quinn to investigate a possible clue at a party. She kisses the brainwashed Mikka and snaps her out of her brainwashing. After Aggregate leaves the party to chase Kate, Ramone helps to take the mind-controlling stickers off of the partygoers.

Powers and Abilities

Ramone inherited special abilities that allowed her to absorb a special vibranium ring left behind by her mother. Her assimilation of the ring resulted in her body becoming permanently covered in extremely durable armored plates. The armor can also change shape to create vibranium weaponry that Ramone can use in combat situations.


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