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    Marvel's third phase of relaunching and restructuring their line-wide output. In the wake of "Infinity", the heroes of the Marvel Universe find themselves with new threats and new adventures.

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    Marvel NOW! Phase Three (2013)

    As a third wave of Marvel NOW!, Marvel announced an initiative called All-New Marvel NOW!. This initiative will see new titles launched between December 2013 and May 2014. Any title launched during Phase One will receive a new jumping on point numbered xx.NOW (for example, Avengers #24.NOW).

    New Ongoing Volumes:

    New Limited Series and One-Shots:

    Avengers NOW! (October 2014)

    Following the events of 'Original Sin', a new Avengers team is in place.

    Avengers NOW! is a continuation of All-New Marvel NOW!

    New Ongoing Volumes (cont.):

    New Limited Series and One-Shots (cont.):

    Existing Volumes ".NOW":

    Cancelled Volumes

    Second Wave of Cancellations

    • Avengers Undercover. Ending on issue #10 (September 2014).
    • Ultimate FF. Ending on issue #6 (August 2014).
    • Wolverine. Ending on issue #12. (September 2014).
    • Avengers A.I. Ending on issue #12 (April 2014).
    • Superior Spider-Man. Ending on issue #33 (September 2014).
    • Superior Spider-Man Team-Up. Ending on issue #12. (April 2014)
    • New Warriors. Ending on issue 12 (November 2014)
    • Savage Hulk. Ending on issue 6 (November 2014)
    • Wolverine and the X-Men. Ending on issue 12 (November 2014)
    • Captain America. Ending on issue 25 (October 2014)
    • Iron Man. Ending on issue 28
    • Savage Wolverine. Ending on issue 23 (September 2014)
    • Thor: God of Thunder. Ending on issue 25 (September 2014)
    • Thunderbolts. Ending on issue 32 (October 2014)
    • Uncanny Avengers. Ending on issue 25 (October 2014)

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