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Allison Barnes was married to Kyle Barnes and mother of Amber Barnes, when she was suddenly possessed by a demon. Kyle came home one day and saw her hurting their daughter, like his mother had hurt him all these years ago. Kyle drew the demon out of her after a violent struggle. When Allison regained consciousness, she saw the blood on herself and their daughter. Knowing the truth would sound crazy, Kyle took the blame on himself, telling Allison it was he who had attacked them. Allison took Amber and moved away from Kyle.

Major Story Arcs

A Vast and Unending Ruin

Allison has kept contact with Megan Holt to keep in touch with her enstranged husband Kyle.

Kyle visits her when he is in the neighborhood. Hiding behind a tree, he looks at Allison and their daughter Amber. Allison spots him and they have a heart-to-heart conversation. Not wanting to get back with Kyle, Allison calls Megan to pick Kyle up.


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