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"The United States, point of contact between the Earth and Mexady, opens her gates to other nations, but the great nations of the Earth, taking no chances on the outcome of the meeting, combine their armies and assemble a massive force." (Star Comics #3)

This sentence explains the preparation for the arrival of the planet Mexady, which Dr. Carter has contacted and tracked on its trek through space. The doctor greet the arrival of the planet with optimistic hopes of making friends of the alien planet's citizens, partially after receiving a Mexady message from the Mexadian conqueror Eutopas and his chief scientist, Ursulis. The intention is to create an air of complacency on the planet until the Mexady Invasion is launched. Earth leaders remain cautious and prepare for the arrival.

While Dr. Carter eagerly awaits for the ceremony to receive the representatives of Mexady, Gloria Carter stands proudly with her father. Eutopas' Force attacks the gathering mercilessly, declaring its intentions in actions rather than words.

Feeling its his responsibility to represent the Earth, Dr. Carter takes Gloria with him to greet Eutopas' landing party. Eutopas greets Dr. Carter with a gun. Carter asks what the Mexadian wants. Ursulis interprets the doctor's words, to which Eutopas responds with his intention to take Gloria as his queen.

Gloria calls for Lieutenant Dan Hastings help when Eutopas grabs her, with Hastings immediately responding. The lieutenant punches Eutopas and takes the conqueror's ray gun for himself, killing portions of Eutopas' entourage. Ursulis flees the scene.

Dan Hastings flees with Dr. Carter, Gloria, and the doctor's son Bob Carter to an isolated cabin in Canada. After the family is securely settled, the lieutenant leaves them to travel to Ottowa, intending to go to the Canadian Ministry there.

He meets Lord Withering at the house of parliament there as Hanz Raskow leaves a meeting with the lord. Hastings notes Raskow's history as an envoy for the "enemy war dictator" before the cessation of hostilities. Withering assures the lieutenant of their security. Feeling safe from prying ears of Raskow, the lieutenant states to Lord WIthering the necessity "to assemble all forces at once! We must destroy this demon!" Lord Withering agrees and immediately contacts the Hague and sends forces.

In Star Comics Star Comics #6, the Hague Commission "orders an enormous concentration of troops and space ships to reinforce (sic) the world armies in the U.S.A." Lieutenant Dan Hastings is assigned to command a Survey Squad. Hastings is introduced to Captain Turke of the International Air Police. A Heavy Squadron from The Hague is sent to meet the Mexadian forces. Dan Hastings engages with his own heavily-armed Dan Hasting's ship in a dogfight with Eutopas. Sheer number hand Eutopas the victory, causing Lieutenant Dan Hastings to land his ship.


The United States Aero Division of the Planet Earth fights as part of the Allied Commission.


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