Character » Allie appears in 8 issues.

    A bar-owner in the town known as Tull. She was romantically involved with Roland Deschain, but killed by him when she was used as a hostage.

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    Brief History

    Allie was the owner of a bar in the town of Tull. There she met with Roland Deschain while he was in pursuit of the Man in Black, Marten Broadcloak. He had been there not a few days ago. While Allie was a beautiful woman, she had a huge scar on the left side of her face. Therefore, almost nobody wanted to touch her. Allie asked Roland to bed with her in trade for information she had about the Man in Black. Roland agreed, and even after the two had 'exchanged' they became friends. Allie told her that the Man in Black had come to their town, and even had revived a dead person, Mort the weed eater The Man in Black parted the town of Tull, but gave Allie a 'gift' on his way out. If she would ever say "Nineteen" out loud to Mort, she would know the truth about the dead returning to life, and the secrets of the afterlife. The Man in Black also told Allie that her mind would not be able to contain that much information and it would drive her mad. Allie thought about the number since that time, but refused to say it. However, the whole town of Tull was a death-trap set up agianst Roland. The Man in Black had set up all the townspeople of Tull in hope of killing Roland. During this time, Allie could no longer withstand the urge and said the word nineteen out loud. While the townspeople where chasing Roland, Allie was captured and used a shield, so that Roland would not be able to shoot at the other townspeople. Allie however told Roland that she had said the number out loud and pleaded with him to shoot her and end the madness going on in her mind. Roland, in cold blood, then killed her.

    Other Media


    The Dark Tower I: The Gunslinger (Revised)

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    The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed. So begins Book I of Stephen King’s iconic fantasy series, The Dark Tower. Part sci-fi novel, part futuristic dystopia, part spaghetti Western, and part high fantasy vision, The Gunslinger tells the story of Roland Deschain, Mid-World’s last gunslinger, who is tracking an enigmatic magician known only as the man in black. Following his quarry across the demon-infested Mohaine Desert, Roland confronts a mad preacher woman and her murderous flock, holds palaver with a speaking demon, and finally befriends a young boy from our world named Jake Chambers. Jake joins Roland on his quest, but while Roland travels with his young companion Jake, the man in black travels with Roland’s soul in his pocket. The 2003 revised edition of The Gunslinger contains the essay "On Being Nineteen (And a few other things)" by Stephen.

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