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    A stolen Imperial ship.

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    Robbery of the Imperious 

    On the water planet of Dac, home to the race of Mon Calamarians, a large military vessel constructing station was placed. Here, the Empire created large military vessels by utalizing the local populations as workers. In the Legacy era, the Empire was using this construction facility to create a Star Destroyer called The Imperious
    Gar Stazi, the leader of the Galactic Alliance, wished to steal this ship from the Imperials and use it as the Alliance's own weapon. So he and his crew of Alliance members organized a plan to steal the vessel. When the time came, it turned out that the Empire had anticipated Gar Stazi's motives and had set a trap. But forseeing this trap, Gar Stazi managed to turn the tide of the sudden battle and steal the ship for himself, but only after his second mate sacrificed himself to destroy the production facility, thus halting the Empire's ship production for seven years. 
    Hidden Charges

    Soon after the Imperious was stolen from the Empire, two Imperial Knights revealed themselves to the Galactic Alliance. They stated that they had secretly set hidden charges inside of the Imperious , unaware that Gar Stazi was attempting to steal it. 
    Agreeing that they needed to warn Gar Stazi and the rest of the crew about these charges, the two Imperial Knights and a band of scattered fighter pilots leave the planet Dac and regroup with the Galactic Alliance's fleet. They find Gar Stazi and inform him about the charges, which are quickly removed.

    Renamed to Alliance 
    After dealing with the charges, Gar Stazi reports to the pilots and the one remaining Imperial Knight that the Imperious has been renamed to Alliance . He says that the name Alliance manages to strike fear into the Empire. To him and the GA (Galactic Alliance), this name is more appropriate. 
    This ship has been used in many battles since its innitial use. Soon after the death of Darth Krayt, the old Emperor of the galexy, Gar Stazi and disposed Emperor Fel allied with each other in battle using this ship. 
    It continues to be used by Stazi and the Galactic Alliance and remains a symbol of hope and resistance throughout the galexy.


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