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    Team » Alliance of Evil appears in 33 issues.

    The Alliance of Evil, mutant operatives who worked for Apocalypse before he developed his team of Four Horsemen. Various members have either died, or subsequently joined Magneto's Acolytes.

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    Soon after X-Factor appeared to the general public as a group of humans who hunted mutants, they came across a team of villainous mutants. They first encountered Tower, who had tried to kidnap Beast. Later, X-Factor encountered the rest of the Alliance of Evil and their dangerous leader, Apocalypse.


    The Alliance of Evil was created by Bob Layton and Jackson Guice in 1986 and first appeared in X-Factor # 5. Two of it's members, Tower and Frenzy, appeared before the rest of the team.

    Mayor Story Arcs

    Power Addiction

    For Apocalypse, there was no such thing as 'too much power' and therefore a team couldn't be considered as too strong. This lead to the Alliance of Evil's first mission; to recruit the Michael Nowlan at any cost. During his time as a patient at a U.S. detoxification center, it was discovered that Nowlan had the mutant power to amplify the powers of other mutants. Although he refused to go with them, the Alliance of Evil abducted him. They took Nowlan to Apocalypse who successfully persuaded him to remain with the Alliance. There, he was used as the Alliance's Source of power, supporting the other members with his powers. Each dose of Nowlan's energies, dramatically increased the mutant powers of all the Alliance of Evil. However, Nowlan's power was also highly addictive, and therefore the Alliance became dependent on receiving another hit of Nowlan's power boosts.

    Tired of being treated as a human drug, and concerned for the evil that the Alliance would cause after receiving their power boosts, Nowland made several attempts to leave and even resumned his former drug habit to stifle his own power. X-Factor had already been notified about Nowlan by his ex-wife, and made attempts to find him. They discovered Nowlan around the same time that he was attempting to leave and the Alliance, heavilly addicted to Nowlan's powers, were desperate to claim him back. However, they responded by kidnapping his estranged wife Susan Nowlan, and used her to blackmail Nowlan to work for them.

    X-Factor attempted to save both Michael & Susan Nowlan. However, with Susan Nowlan in their custody the Alliance forced Michael Nowlan to boost their powers. Angered, Michael released increasingly massive amounts of his amplifying powers upon his former teammates. The staggering amounts of energies increased and the Alliance of Evil were able to overwhelm X-Factor. Nowlan continued to increase their powers to levels that they couldn't control.

    Without the same level of training that the X-Men had received from Professor Xavier, the Alliance of Evil struggled to control their increased power levels. Despite all o her bravado, Stinger was still a relatively inexperienced teenager. She saw Susan Nowlan attempting to escape and tried to stun her. However, with her powers out of control, Stinger accidentally electrocuted Susan Nowlan & killed her.

    Witnessing the death of his estranged wife, Nowlan began to change the course of his powers. Instead of feeding the Alliance of Evil, he lowered their power-levels and recalled the energy back into himself. The strain and drugs caused Nowlan's body to quickly overload, causing a huge explosion. It destroyed Apocalypse's base and put an end to the fight. Having been defeated in battle, the Alliance of Evil were no longer the 'fittest'. Therefore, Apocalypse fled the scene, leaving the Alliance of Evil behind to be arrested the authorities.

    Mutant Registration Act

    When the Mutant Registration Act was passed , during Fall of the Mutants, the Alliance came out of hiding to rebel against the act. They were quickly put down by X-Factor once again though

    Kings of Pain

    After their arrest, it didn't take long for the Alliance of Evil to recover and break out of prison. Free and without Apocalypse's support, they became mercenaries for hire. Not all of them agreed & Timeshadow subsequently left, reducing the team into a trio. The new Alliance of Evil would now include Frenzy, Tower and Stinger. However, the smaller Alliance of Evil only lasted for one mission.

    Hired by the combined forced of Toad and Gideon, the Alliance's were hired as bodyguards for two mutants, Harness and Piecemeal. These two mutants were on a quest to locate and gather the dispersed energies of the dead, reality altering mutant, Proteus. Once reformed, the energies would be used to create an powerful army of super powered drones.

    The Alliance of Evil initially found their task very easy, while Piecemeal absorbed the Proteus energies. However, an attack upon Artie, Leech and Wiz-kid's school caught the attention of the former New Mutants (now X-Force). Following a lead to Genetech, X-Force encounters the New Warriors and the Alliance was forced to fight back. The alliance was defeated and arrested but Cable faked breaking Frenzy out of jail to find out what their endgame was. This information led them to Muir Island where they encountered the Muir Island X-men. All there groups fought Harness but Piecemeal was able to absorb the final portion of Proteus and merged with the entity. Soon after X-Factor arrived having heard about the disturbance of reality surrounding Muir Island. Ultimately the three combined sets of heroic teams managed to defeat the new Proteus/Piecemeal creature and the Alliance of Evil.

    There has not been an incarnation of the Alliance of Evil since.

    Former Members

    Apocalypse - Apocalypse went on to have many repeated appearances and become one of the X-men's greatest enemies ever.

    Frenzy - She disappeared for several years and then resurfaced as one of Fabian Cortez's Acolytes going by the name Cargill (her real last name). She has remained a loyal and faithful Acolyte ever since.

    Tower - He wasnt seen for a many years also until the X-Cutioner began executing mutants using former X-men enemy weaponry. He was killed in a bar in San Miguel.

    Timeshadow - Hasnt been seen since the Mutant Registration Act battle.

    Stinger - After many years with no appearances, Stinger took up residence on Utopia and began a tenatative friendship with Iceman after an altercation involving Kavita Rao.

    Harness - Was arrested after the death of her son Piecemeal and never seen again. Has a daughter in A.I.M. custody but shes never been seen or heard of.


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