Alley-Kat Abra

    Character » Alley-Kat Abra appears in 66 issues.

    Alley Kat Abra is an anthropomorphic cat who has the ability to teleport, levitate, wield force bolts and control mystic arts. She lives in a dimension where the inhabitants are all sentient animals and is part of the Zoo Crew.

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    Current Events

    Now known as Sleen rather than Alley-Kat-Abra, she is a member of Captain K'Rot's crew along with Pig Iron only now she is an alien humanoid cat-creature on the planet Tolerance in the Tenebrian Dominion.


    Alley Kat Abra is a DC character created Roy Thomas and Scott Shaw. Her first appearance was in The New Teen Titans #16, issued in 1982.


    When a meteor exploded in space, it separated into six glowing fragments, bursting through the dimensional barrier into Earth C. One chunk landed in the Mew Orleans home of Felina Furr as she was meditating, striking a wooden spoon left inside a pot nearby. The spoon transformed into a wand, bestowing upon Felina incredible mystical powers. Armed with her Magic Wanda, Felina teamed up with six other individuals when their planet came under attack by a malevolent force and became Alley-Kat-Abra.

    Character Evolution

    Felina Furr was a martial arts instructor (specializing on the form at kat-fu) at the time she received her special powers. As Alley-Kat-Abra, she remained as friendly as she was before the life changing incident although her personality and Yankee Poodle's did not mesh well. She became involved romantically as well with Captain Carrot. In time, Alley-Cat would fall to the side of the villains, getting a taste of fame and notoriety as the most powerful Magician in her world but she was falsely accused of killing a fellow team mate and imprisoned for the crime. Exonerated when the truth of her being framed was revealed, Alley-Kat was part of a group of survivors who escaped to New Earth after their planet was destroyed. Alley-Kat was stripped of her powers upon entering the new dimension, transforming her and her fellow refugees into non-anthromorphic animals but a rogue Monitor was able to reverse these effects and Alley-Kat was restored to her former self.

    Major Story Arcs

    Multi-powered Magic
    Multi-powered Magic

    Superman had been abducted by Starro the Conqueror, having entered their dimension determined to find out what was behind the plague affecting his own Earth Universe. The group with newly acquired super powers were successful in rescuing Superman, defeating Starro in the process. Soon after at the suggestion of Captain Carrot, they agreed to form the superhero team Zoo Crew which included Pig-Iron from Piggsburgh, Rubberduck and Yankee Poodle from Follywood from and Fastback from Kornsas.

    Post Crisis

    Alley-Kat-Abra became a famous magician, but on side of the super-villains and in time was accused of murdering Little Cheese and sending another team mate Fastback into the future. These acts however were committed by Dark Alley, an evil double created by Feline Faust. Imprisoned for a time, the truth was revealed and Alley-Kat was released however due to her recent past, she was put on probation with the Zoo Crew.

    Final Crisis

    A war was brewing between animals who lived in the water and those who lived on land, a situation instigated by Starro. Banding together, Alley-Kat-Abra and her fellow Zoo Crew members attempted to bring Starro to justice but were instead, hypnotized by the villain into thinking they no longer had their powers. Pig-Iron however remained unaffected as he was not with his team-mates at the time. Starro flooded the planet and the Zoo Crew in desperation gathered up a portion the Earth's survivors into a large ocean-liner as their world was destroyed. However, they were rescued by Just'a Lotta Animals, a team created by Captain Carrot for his comic but yet existed in another dimension. An attempt to transfer the vessel named Boa's Ark into the other team's dimension failed and instead sent the refugees to New Earth. The Justice League intercepted the vessel, ensuring it landed safely, surprised to find animals as the only passengers. Unfortunately, by entering this dimension, Zoo Crew were no longer anthropomorphic, becoming like other animals on this new planet. The Zoo Crew did eventually have their powers restored by a Monitor named Nix Uotan.

    Powers & Abilities

    With her Magic Wanda, Alley-Kat-Abra is able to cast powerful magic spells, including teleportation, flight, telekinesis, transforming others, etc. Without the wand she is far less powerful although she can manage flight and some telepathic abilities. Previously a martial arts instructor, Alley-Kabra is an expert in hand to hand combat (also known as Cat-fu) , is extremely agile and extra-ordinarily quick.


    • Occupation: Former martial arts instructor, magician presently
    • Gender: Female
    • Height: 2'0"
    • Weight 35lbs (15.87 kg)
    • Eyes: Green
    • Hair: Black

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