Allen Keeg

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    Allen Keeg used to be alone and a loser at the club when his girlfriend broke up, until he helped a poor old woman, now he's never alone and a loser. Worse he is desired by every women he come across.

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    Allen broke up with his girlfriend and spent a year and half whining about it. One night he saved an old woman named Delilah from three robbers who turned out to be gypsy witch who unbeknownst to him granted his wish to be desired by every women him come across.

    He uses this gift/curse to have have sex with many women. However, he still can't forget his ex who is immune from the curse. Allen soon learn the how far women are will go for him as one woman cut herself many time and beg him to love her.

    Allen is taken by the police for questioning. Allen tell them the truth which they don’t believe as one of them was a woman who showed no interest in him. After the male cop leave Allen get “raped” by the female cop. When he is released he try to see if the curse would work on his ex. It doesn't and Buffy, of the women he had sex with, show up and believe Allen to be “cheating” on her. Allen leave his ex and blow off Buffy. Allen find out that the robbers who were robbing Delilah were actors and Delilah herself paid them to do so. Allen locate Delilah who reveal her origin, why she gave him the ability to attract every woman he come across and why it doesn't work on his ex. Allen beg Delilah to undo the spell but she tell him the only way to do so is for him kill his true love, his ex girlfriend. Allen refuse to do so, but Delilah tell him he will change his mind like all the others before him and vanish.

    While in his apartment, a gang of four women break in and tie him to the bed and rape him. This lasted for a week and ended when his landlord called the cops about the noise. Allen food ran out because of the ones who raped him and he was so hungry, so Allen tried to go to work to pick his last check as he called off so many days they had fired him weeks ago. While on the bus Allen thought if he kept himself on the bus and din't attract any attention he could sneak by. Unfortunately it doesn't work, so he try to walk to work which doesn't work either as the husband of one of the women he slept with tried to kill him. Allen tried to stay off the grid from there on out. Allen maxed his card on the most out of the way hotel room he could find. However, Allen didn't think through what would he do when it come check out few weeks latter and he had nowhere to go, none to turn to and didn't want for his friends to get hurt because of him. On the day to check out he didn't have any money left and the housekeeper offered him that he give her "good tip" and she will not tell the hotel that he is there. A week later one of the management discovered that he still there so she went and knocked the door and tell him that he can leave or she calls the cops and once again Allen uses the curse to stay. Allen tried to embrace the curse, tried to avoid the attention of the others by pretending to be a homeless which didn't work and tried to talk to a priest which given him hope only to have it shattered when a group of nuns blocked his way. Having no other choice Allen went to the house of his ex and stabbed her and as she died she told him that she realized now that he never truly loved her. Allen was arrested and he told the police everything which they don't believe his public defender plead guilty by means of temporary insanity and won. Allen spent seven years in a minimum security therapeutic facility and allowed almost no contact with any women and the few who did cross never looked his way. On his seventh years it was determined that he was no longer a danger to the public and was granted a parole. There were two women on the table and one of them licked her lips while looking at him. Allen thought it was just his imagination but after thinking about the last thing his ex said to him he knew it was true because if he truly loved her he would never done what he did and he never defeated the curse. Before his release he told one of the guards what happened to him who find it hard to believe. Allen step outside to find all the women that the curse affected waiting for him and once they sees him they run toward him. The women fight over him and everyone of them pulling him toward her, as a result Allen died while being torn apart.


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