Allegra Garcia

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    Brazilian Girl who has the ability of control the electromagnetic spectrum.

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    Allegra Garcia was born in the Amazon. Daughter of Eduardo Reyes, she was raised in the Santa Marta slums of Rio de Janeiro by Ramon and Esperanza Garcia and was told her father was dead. Her father, Eduardo, was the mercenary Wavelength. Allegra has the same ability as her father and could control the electromagnetic spectrum. Later she came to Gotham where she was caught commiting a crime and was sentenced to Arkum Asylum.

    Major Story Arc

    Family Reunion

    In the hope of stay at his daughter side, Eduardo hired the Deathstroke and his Titans team to rescue Allegra from the Arkham. The team seemed on track but then some of the prisoners escaped and attacked the team. Deathstroke left the group to find Allegra but when he did Batman had found him.

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    Deathstoke and Batman fought while Allegra watched in horror. Finally Deathstoke is able to get away with Allegra but when he gets her power damping collar off her she blast everyone around her with an EMP blast.

    When Deathstroke comes too, Allegra threatens him but Deathstroke explains that her father has hire him and his team to get her out safely. This is enough for Allegra to go with him, but Dr. Sinner show up with the Arkham Guards. Dr. Sinner tries to blow the explosive chips in the inmates heads but Allegra's earlier EMP blast has deactivated them. This makes it easy for Deathstroke's team to just walk out.

    The team then goes to Brazil where Allegra is reunited with her father. She gets mad at him for leaving her in the first place and kills Eduardo Reyes by focusing all the UV ray at him at once. After that, the girl asks for a place on the team. Slade said that she needs to grow up first, and places the power damping collar back on her and leaves her cursing his name.


    Like her father Allegra can control the electromagnetic spectrum. She has shown the ability to make a wide spread EMP burst as well as focusing all the Sun Ultraviolet ray in one direction.

    In Other Media

    The Flash

    Allegra Garcia makes her first appearance in season 6, episode 2 of The Flash. When Allegra Garcia was 15, she was in a juvenile facility at the time that the STAR Labs accelerator incident occurred. She gained the ability to manipulate radio waves. Later, it's learned that Allegra can manipulate waves across the electromagnetic spectrum, meaning she can use her powers offensively. Allegra Garcia is portrayed b Kayla Compton.


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