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Allan Reynolds was a good man who fell in love with the wrong girl.  As an older man he fell in love with a girl named Eppie.  Eppie was pregnant with the child of Mr. Quilt a known crime-boss.  Eppie told Allan that she was raped and he believed her.  He and Eppie eventually fell in love and he took care of her and her son Tommy for many years until Mr. Quilt decided he wanted his son back.  Mr. Quilt send his henchman Brand to send a message to Eppie and Brand threatened to kill them this set Allan off and he shot and wounded Brand when he came into his house to kill him.  
Later in court the judge through out the case and sentenced Allan to two years in prison for having an unregistered gun.  This set  Allan off and he escaped to get revenge on Brand and Mr. Quilt.  When he went to Mr. Quilt's home he saw him eating dinner with the very judge who sentenced him to prison.  In a rage he crash Mr. Quilt home only to be killed at the hands of Brand.  The Hero Vigilante would end up helping his widow and his step-son Tommy but it would be too late for him.

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