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    The heroine of Apex City and honorary member of the Justice League.

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     Olivia Dawson found the Star-Charm, a small star-shaped amulet that granted her the power of flight and the ability to shoot beams of light. When Weaponers of Qward came to the Apex City Observatory, Green Lantern joined up with her, and the rookie managed to impress the experienced Justice Leaguer. As he was called away to Oa, he proposed that she's take his place while he was gone.

    All-Star helped the Justice League with several adventures, but found it hard to combine it with her private life and her school work. When Brainiac attacked Metropolis with a brain-washed Green Lantern Corps, she panicked, and hid inside the Javelin.

    When she saw the entire League defeated, she charged Brainiac head-on. Her Star-Charm was destroyed, and though she had to retire as All-Star, the League awarded her honorary membership.


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