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All-Star Western (Volume 3)

Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti (#1-Present); Justin Gray (#1-Present)

Main Feature Starring: Jonah Hex (#1-Present); Amadeus Arkham (#1-15, 17)

Back up Feature Starring: El Diablo (#2-3); Barbary Ghost (#4-6); Nighthawk & Cinnamon (#7-9); Bat Lash (#10); Terrence 13 (#11-12); Tomahawk (#13-16); StormWatch (#17)

Main Feature Drawn by: Moritat (#1-Present)

Back up Feature Drawn by: Jordi Bernet (#2-3); Phil Winslade (#4-6, #13-16); Patrick Scherberger (#7-9); Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez (#10); Scott Kolins (#11-12); Staz Johnson (#17)

A "New 52" initiative title starring Jonah Hex among other characters in the wild west period of the DCU. The title was launched by long time writing collaborators Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray.

Collected Editions


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