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AWESOME, well-written series

This is my first ever review, so forgive me if I don't do this exactly the "right way". I just started reading comics for the first time in years with the launch of the new 52. I collect all of the "Batman-related" comics. All Star Western has been great from the beginning. Even though I know we're supposed to suspend disbelief in comics, I still have a hard time with that especially things like time travel (which is happening in this current arc). This issue is an example of how a well-written story can help you overlook things that are hard to believe, if not downright forget about it. I love watching the interaction of Jonah Hex with people that are "normal". The way he explains himself almost convinces you that HE is the one that is in fact normal, and the rest of us are crazy or have something wrong with us. There are things revealed in this issue about the Arkham family that I found fascinating and can't wait to read future arcs that will surely touch on this. The one complaint I have is that the story moves along too fast at times, although I think this is true of most comics and readers probably prefer it that way even if I do not. I'd love to see Jonah stuck in the Asylum over a few issues and watch his interaction with Jeremiah while stuck there as a patient and talking about his interactions with Jeremiah's great, great grandfather from the past. I'll take what I can get though, and what we do get regarding that subject is pretty awesome if you ask me. I love watching Bruce Wayne's interaction with Dr. Arkham also. Let me just close with saying that if you want a very entertaining series to read, then All Star Western is a must. You get a peek at Gotham's past, a VERY interesting character in Jonah Hex (and Amadeus Arkham too), and just GREAT story-telling by two really good writers.

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