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For the Bible Tells Me So 0

More information is given to us this issue on the nature of the secret society responsible for the murders of prostitutes in Gotham City. They revere the same Crime Bible that certain contemporary villains have built a religion around, which creates a nice sense of history in the DC Universe.There was a lot less action and character development this issue, most likely a result of the El Diablo back up feature. I know literally nothing about El Diablo and while I am intrigued to find out more, I ...

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Then what can we do? 4

his series continues to be the biggest surprise for me of the new 52, granted this is only issue 2 of the opening story arc, but the tone and atmosphere established in the first two issues here is quite good.  In place of a high level of sexual content in the first, this one has a high level of violence, though never is it gratuitous (in fact the two pages of panels of action in here were quite good).  The story follows Jonah and Amadeus as they attempt to track down more information on the murd...

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A hex on westerns makes them good? 0

So as I approached this booked I feared being bored despite knowing the last book was well done for it's target demographic. I began to read and found this issue to be far easier to read and funner than the last issue. This book has gone from a book I'm pretty sure would be enjoyable for it's target audience to a book that I could see picking up because it is a good book to read for anyone who picks it up, especially if you have an interest in Gotham... though there is no guarantee that the book...

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The Lords Of Crime 2

The Story: Jonah Hex and Amadeus Arkham continue to investigate the Gotham Butcher murder that leads them to the Religion Of Crime. After surviving an attempt on their life, they  My Thoughts:Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray continue their sensational story that began last issue with this new series All Star Western. One of the highlights (for me at least) is the fact this old western story is taking place in Gotham City. I'm a huge fan of Gotham so seeing a story take place there in its early ye...

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Jonah Hex: Gothic 0

The Good: There's a few things that set this cover apart from being the 'standard action cover' this almost is. One is the continued amazing contrast between the cover and interior art despite being the same artist, another is the skull logo in the background, hiding just out of clear sight behind the chaotic combat being unleashed by their very enemy, Jonah Hex. The artwork manages to avoid being a one-hit wonder when it starts to add a little more detail and doesn't wash with full color as muc...

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The Damned and the Cursed 0

Recommended!The Damned - This picks up right where the last issue left off. The mood hasn't changed on bit - Jonah knows what needs to be done, and the good doctor still seems ignorant of the real danger. There are very few pleasantries exchanged in this issue, as it is mostly action and violence. As I am new to this book, and the artist, I am not sure if I should mention how some of the art seemed unfinished. I cannot quite tell if that is a style or evidence of rushed work.Either way, this sto...

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Hex=awesome; El Diablo=meh 0

All Star Western continues to be fantastic. The second issue continues Professor Arkham and Jonah Hex's conflict with the shadowy Gotham underworld organization behind the spate of prostitute murders. Moritat's woodcut-like art is perfect for this book, and Gabriel Bautista's restrained colors give a great period feel to everything.This issue opens with a great series of full page panels; Arkham's mansion high above Gotham at night; the house surrounded by hooded outlaws; Hex meeting the intrude...

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