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Good, but not Great, Ending to Jeckyl/Hyde Story 0

At the start of issue 16, we find that nearly a month has passed since the events that transpired in the last issue. Arkham is still committed, and Hex has been staying at Arkham's mansion, still recovering from the injuries (including a broken leg) he sustained in his fight with Mr. Hyde. In addition, we find that he has been drinking heavily and has slipped into a severe bout of depression as he remains confined to a wheelchair while his leg heals. A nurse (Constance) has been assigned to care...

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All-Star Western #16 Review 2

***SPOILER FREE REVIEW***The latest issue of Gray and Palmiotti's All-Star Western is another solid comic book by the writing duo, bringing both fun and interesting character development to this series.Gray and Palmiotti are known for writing fun comic books, and All-Star Western is certainly a fun comic book. While I've been a little disappointed by the current arc, this issue is a step in the right direction as we get action and character development. Since Jonah Hex is sidelined from the occu...

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Arkham Mansion: A Serious House In a Serious 19th Century 0

I really don't like this cover, it's generic, way too close up, and I'm just not a fan of Walter Simonson's artwork, especially in contrast to the other covers. It just sticks out like a sore thumb.It feels like we missed an issue or something, because this one picks up presumedly weeks later, and Jonah Hex has already settled into a new status quo of depression and angst with a nurse taking care of him at Arkham's house. There's a definite hilarity to the interactions between the 'hard west man...

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